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#773 - Boracay 2016 Day 4 - Parasailing / Helmet Diving / Flyfish / Eating Balut

Hello, starting Day 4 of my Boracay travelogue 2016 w a pretty beach view! No filter! :)

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I would say this was my favourite day out of the whole trip because I had many first times today and thoroughly enjoyed myself for all.

We did Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Flyfish and ate balut!!! 

Front view of our boutique hotel.

Haha still not sick of sharing my breakfast photos! We ate quite a bit to prepare ourselves for the activities-packed day!

Met w Riza after breakfast and she brought us to sign up for our activities.

Tip: I would think it is best to find a reliable guide who would not 'scam' your money. Guides are everywhere okay, they will offer you whatever activities and how much you have to pay etc! We got our guide's contact from Raine's colleague and she is friendly and nice *obviously lack of Vocabulary*! If anyone is interested for her contact, please let me know.

We paid PHP4500 (approx SGD125 for exchange rates then) for 7 activities:
Ziplining (700)
ATV (700)
Island Hopping (450)
Parawsailing (250)
Parasailing (1200)
Helmet Diving (600)
Flyfish (600)

See how I hooked her arm endearingly HAHAHA. This was us on the jetboat on the way to parasail!

I found out I really like speed? The driver drove the jetboat real fast leaving behind a huge trail of waves. It's really shiok? Takes away all the motion sickness please (thinks of parawsailing the other day before).

We ended up at a platform in the middle of the sea where the activities are being carried out!

Where the sky and sea meets.

 I am not sure if you can tell, but we are excited and nervous at the same time!

 Got our harnesses and helmets on, ready to conquer Parasailing!

Oh and I need to mention that the boat blasted really techno music which really gets you into the mood!

 Up up and away!

 Brave Raine brought her phone up for this!

It was nice flying that high up! You get to enjoy the view since it doesn't descend fast like Skydiving (say like I skydive before) lol. You just stay up there like a kite and it was really great.

Actually I think I teared a little lor. Not because I was scared but I was super happy? Like I really enjoyed it while being up there and feeling every single thing at once. Hashtag emotionalaf.

The whole experience was great! I think we were up there about 15-20mins! Then they reeled us in and let us "sit" on the seawater for awhile and raised up back up again. 屁股很凉 lol.

 Awesome! It was not scary at all (I have a slight fear of heights and the sudden drop turbulence kind of feeling)! Would definitely recommend everyone to try it!

 Weather was super good that day too and we see many boats out there with people parasailing.

We jetted off to the helmet diving station next!

Was given a short briefing of what to expect. they taught us how to breathe normally and to clear our nose at times because of the air pressure. Water won't enter the helmet if you keep your head straight because there is oxygen pressure that keeps them out. Clearing of nose can be done by swallowing or using our hands to press and blow our nose haha. We were also taught gestures to signal to the divers in case we feel unwell/want to go up.

Was told each of helmet weighs 35kg but when you wear it and go underwater, it will only feel like 6kg! The picture on the left are oxygen tanks haha.

FYI, people here are quite overfriendly so please don't feel offended and if you feel 'violated', just brush them off! Hahaha. 

Was told to go down til my shoulders are inside the sea. Then they will put the helmet over my head and I will have to go down straight. Straight like 直直下去.

A scuba diver will be there to guide you and also help you take photos and videos w the fishes!

 Going down! The helmet was really heavy! I could feel the weight on my shoulder even underwater and I think I had a bruise on my shoulder after that.

Our disc which has photos and videos of us underwater.

We were given bread and the fishes swarmed to us! I think next time just hold the bread out and let all the fishes swim to it instead of tearing it and throwing it all over. 挡镜头有没有?

 😊 Helmet Diving, like Parasailing, was a great experience too!

You do not need to know how to swim to get down. I see some people getting panicky over how deep the seabed is (sorry I couldn't remember how many metres down) and requesting to go up. For me it was okay! The helmet was a little uncomfortable resting on my shoulders but it was good since I could pretty much breathe like normal, just at times I had to clear my nose/ears from the air pressure built-up!

Post helmet diving!

 It was so hot that we stopped for some juice before proceeding to our next activity!

Flyfish was the last activity for the day and trip, we actually nearly couldn't do it. They needed at least 3 people on the Flyfish float and there were only 2 of us. We just camped there waiting to see if anyone could join us.

 Luckily a couple was interested and thus off we go!

Was clinging on for dear life throughout because I did not want to drop into the sea (even though I was wearing a lifejacket).

Most of the time we were just riding the waves. Occasionally we flipped to like almost 90 degrees as seen in the video! Hahaha. It was fun!!!

After a long day of activities, we were really damn shagged. Wanted to try some local food thus we settled for dinner at one of the restaurants by the beach called Panama.

 Raine had this noodles which I think she mentioned was okay only!

 I was craving for meat thus I ordered this fried rice dish which comes w pork, fried egg and green mango! The portion was super huge and I couldn't finish mine haha.

 Thereafter we just chilled and drank (not me) with the tour guide and her friends.

My friend, Raine was clearly drunk HAHAHA. She kept denying (damn funny) but it was quite obvious, all of us could tell. She was damn high and kept wanting to dance. I had to stop her. Jeong shin cha ryeol yo!

Another first time of that day was trying Balut!

Balut is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell (I quote from Wiki). The looks are quite gross lah, but the locals bought some and urged us to try so we were like okay la YOLO.

They take about 25 days to fully form into a duckling and the one we tried was at 16 days stage. 😫 Those in the later stage would have like feathers and beak already! Can't imagine. Look at them veins... 🤔 We were doubtful but we tasted it. I took a sip. 😫😫😫 It tasted like... boiled egg lol. We didn't exactly try the whole thing tho. The sac was too disgusting. Only tried the other parts!

The rest of the bits tasted like any normal boiled egg, except the egg white area is like chawanmushi texture w some veins (still cringe when I think of myself eating that) and some of the egg white were like hard and chewy lol. I managed to finish it while gulping down apple tea. I mean the taste is just like an egg but knowing it's developing and whatnots kinda puts you off.

Never expect myself to try this. Not an adventurous one when it comes to food. 😆 Only exotic food I tried thus far is only sannakji (산낙지) which is live chopped octopus w marinated sesame oil - Super good!! Lol. Insects rats etc I still cannot accept la. ✋ So...

Achievement unlocked: Eating Balut ✔

So yup, that concluded the end of my eventful Day 4 in Boracay!

Signing off, X

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