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#769 - Boracay 2016 Day 1 and 2 - Kalibo Airport / Caticlan Jetty / Blue Marina Hotel / Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant / Sharetea / Zipline / ATV / Henna Tattoos / I Love BBQ / Jonah's

Hello, decided to be more active on the main blog and share more about my travelogues!

For today, I am clearing up backlogs from Boracay in 2016. Visited the island w Raine in May and had many first times. It was my first time visiting a beach destination for holiday and it was less of the usual food and shopping but more of the beach life and many water activities!

Without further ado (lolol), here's my Boracay 2016 Travelogue Day 1 and 2!

Boracay Day 1

Coincidentally in striped outfits that day!

 Checked in and got my window seat muhahaha. Quoting my friend, hashtag 早起的鸟儿有windowseat做 😂

 Reached Kalibo International Airport which is actually v v small lol. Had some miscommunication w the Southwest Tours (bus ride to the Caticlan Jetty) and we ended up purchasing a sim card (PHP200) to share so we could contact our hotel. Ended up our names were on the list but not under our hotel name but the hotel's company name lol fail.

Sights along the way!

There are a lot of endless 草地 on the way to the jetty. Saw a lot of cows and sheep and dogs and a horse!

 There was one rest stop during the whole journey to the jetty.

My first purchase of the trip: Polvoron!
Goldilocks still does it better hahaha.

Chio coastlines along the way to Caticlan Jetty! No filter!

The hotel we stay at includes complimentary ferry and bus transfer so we didn't need to pay for the rides from Caticlan Jetty onwards. There was 2 staff waiting at the jetty to fetch us to the ferry!

We only had to pay PHP250 (hotel booked for us, if no arrangement, you still can pay at the Southwest Tours counter itself at the airport, it's PHP600 if you include the ferry fee and bus ride) to take the Southwest Tour bus (about 2 hrs ride) from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty.

Got the whole ferry to ourselves!

With the long journey to the island, by the time we reached our hotel, it was 7pm+!
We actually reached Kalibo Aiport in the afternoon, but the bus and ferry took up most of the time! I would say to be prepared to "waste" your first and last day of holidays travelling! 

Checked into Blue Marina Hotel which is located in the middle of Station 2 and 3. It's a pretty boutique hotel which is quite new. We were served refreshing drinks upon reaching.

All basic necessities provided, staff are friendly and clean room!

 One for the parents to report my safety lolol.

 Walked out to find food! There were many shops selling beach stuff and souvenirs! Nothing much worth shopping actually haha.

The people here are generally friendly! And over friendly for some when touting haha.

我爱你 *blows kisses*

Rofl. 😂

We ended up at Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant at D'mall (their shopping and food area) selling western food (IKR, didn't try Philippines food on our first day)!

 Complimentary bread.

 Carbonara (PHP436)
It was normal!

Sharetea Hokkaido Pearl (PHP95)
They have Sharetea here and Chatime! 
Milk Tea here... erm sucks lol. This is about SGD3. Not very cheap.

We spent the rest of the night just wandering about, soaking in the atmosphere, with the light sea breeze and crowds of tourists roaming around. Actually Station 2 is really happening at night because that's when all the pubs start playing music and people start to drink and party - But nah, not my kind of enjoyment haha.

Boracay Day 2

Up early on Day 2!
Today's activities are Zipline and ATV.

By the way, Gelish and sand do not go well together. The sand removed most of my Gelish towards the end of the trip. :(

As our hotel is under COAST, we had to walk to the main hotel for breakfast. No complaints here though because the complimentary breakfast is pretty good. :)

 Some of the selections they have.

 Spoilt for choices so I had everything!

 Hello beautiful sea. 😍 Zero filter, my friends. Just look at the different shades if blue. We didn't get a glimpse of it yesterday because it was already pitch black!

 💕 Hashtag sibei act but mai siao siao got ppl annyeonghaseyo to me hor. 😏 Probably cause of my fair skin and red lips (from the new Relvon lippie I got not in this photo). 😎

 Proceeded to meet our guide introduced by Raine's colleague to bring us around to do the activities available!
 Waiting for the shuttle van to take us to the zipline place. It was quite a long ride up!

With our guide, Riza.

We paid PHP4500 per pax for 7 activities over 3 days and get to decide when we wanna do the activities! Also, we split the payment into 3 days, like PHP1500 each day to be safe.

 On the way to the zipline area!

View from the zipline holding area.

 Me w a watermelon head chingu. 😂 Heng she is not a guy if not is really 戴绿帽. LOL.

We rented a GoPro to capture our first time ziplining and it costs us PHP300!
This was a screen capture from the video.

So fun! No heartdropping feeling. Maybe I will upload the whole video to Youtube! But I can't stand my "woahs" in the video. Feel like slapping myself lolol.

This is us taking the cable car ride back. Squeezed w 6 other people and it was clearly packed like tuna. I was told to wear my helmet and spent half the time erm trying to clip it. See Raine looking at me lovingly! 😏

Next stop was ATV!
Had a short briefing on what to do/signals to give/how to ride the ATV.

So poor thing, there was this monkey caged there. But maybe it was causing troubles hahaha.

Look at its unwilling face.

Before that it was still begging for my hand lor. 😏

*vroom vroom*
Some parts were scary because you ride alone and need to control the speed. Push the button too much and your ATV might accelerate too fast till it feels like it's gonna flip since we are riding on bumpy roads lol. It was a good experience though!

The whole ATV ride was about an hour and also includes us visiting this Bel-at Beach where there was nobody but pretty sky sea sand and caves. Oh, please spam sunblock gaogao. I kept doing it because the Sun was scorching hot!

Waddled out to the left to this phallic rock haha.

Boracay has a lot of pretty sandart but beware when you are taking a photo w it/of it. The sand artist will later come and ask you for tips lolol. I think we paid PHP30 (approx SGD1) which is considered a lot to them!

The guide made us do jumpshots! Artz bo see the water trail. Perfection. 💯💁 We went here halfway during our ATV ride (about 1 hour).

T'was an awesome ride! My first time riding the ATV and I was glad I was unharmed lol. Heard too many scary ATV stories from friends where they had cuts and bruises.

Back on the shuttle van w my sampat chingu lolol. 10 years down you will regret this photo, Raine.

We did henna tattoo and braiding (not me) after our activities. Here's Raine w her favourite minnie mouse lol. The tattoo artist (our friend now lol) is v talented!

I got 2 henna tattoos done, they are really good with this. Just show them a photo and they can "copy paste"it out.
Did a "Wanderlust" on my collarbone. 2 weeks only not permanent. 😂
 Lol right one don't look that nice but love and peace yo. 😎
Paid PHP300 (200 + 100) for these!

 Lol sobs broad shoulders making me look so big.

With our guides and tattoo artists! 😁

 Went back hotel to wash up and then we headed out for dinner!

 Dinner at I Love BBQ!

 If you ever visit Boracay, do give this restaurant a try. Their food was decent and some waiters cute. 😏

We got lucky! There is always a long queue here. 

We wanted to have dinner here and happened to see that there was no queue. Turned out people already left their numbers/made reservations and the next available timing would be 8pm (we reached at close to 7pm). Was a little sad but then the waiter managed to get us seats?! Swee la. 😁

Plastered around the restaurant's walls were lots of interesting signages.

 Old Fashioned Ribeye Steak (PHP305, approx SGD9.50)
Decent! Love the sauce that went w the beef. The rice tasted weird though.

Chorizo BBQ 5 sticks (PHP 155, approx SGD4.80)
Shared this with Raine, a little expensive but the chorizo were good! Nicer than Taiwan sausages! 😊

BBQ Pork Skewers (PHP275, approx SGD8.60)
This reminded me of satays except they are way bigger and juicier!

 After our v filling dinner, we met w our guide and her cousin to find Jonah's! Every Boracay's travelogue I read recommended this fruit shake place so I had to try it.

Papaya Shake (PHP100, approx SGD3.10)
I had this because they ran out of avocadoes/strawberries. Sad. It was so good okay!

 Someone set off fireworks, we viewed it for free. 😏

Please compare the first photo for Day 2 w this. 😑 Awesome polishing from the sand. And... that's all for Day 2 of Boracay! Shall blog about my remaining days when I am free. 😊

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