Thursday, June 15, 2017

#775 - Pejoy Flavours Taste Review

So… I thought to insert some non-travelogue related entries as well, else this would be like a travel blog instead.

Guess what?

I am going to talk about Pejoy today! Pejoy is something like Pocky, also under the brand Glico and it comes in many flavours, both savoury and sweet. I was interested in the Tomato Pizza and Corn Soup flavours after seeing Joycesayshello raved about it on her Dayre. My brother went to China recently so I bugged him to get me some back!

*Surprise* Turns out he bought every available flavour he could find there back!
Flavours for the top row: Red Wine Chocolate, Matcha, Cheese Cake, Strawberry Vanilla
Flavours for the middle row: Lemon Tart, Tomato Pizza, Cheese, Hazel Nuts Chocolate
Flavours for the bottom row: Tiramisu, Milk, Corn Soup, Chocolate

Presenting to you our v-anyhowly done review video hahaha. Most of the time I was just entertaining myself la uh. I am not a fair judge myself because I have no sweet tooth. Savoury > Sweet any day. This review video is just for memories sake haha.

If you stay through that 7minutes, thanks for the support and adding 1 view to my Youtube count haha.

If you didn’t (WHY DIDN’T YOU), here’s a summary:
Skip the Chocolate (tastes cheap) and Lemon Tart (super not legit and artificial tasting). Red Wine is legit, with the strong alcohol taste. Tiramisu too, you can smell the coffee. Strawberry Vanilla, Milk and Cheese Cake are pretty good too. Matcha’s okay. Hazel Nuts Chocolate soso.

My favourites are Tomato Pizza (really taste like Pizza, is legit) and Cheese (never take photos lol)! So predictable right. Corn Soup comes close. It reminds me of the salty crispy snack with animal prints in orange and yellow packaging I used to have in Primary School! Smells like Potong Sweet Corn icecream tho. If we are talking about the sweet flavours, it’d probably be Strawberry Vanilla.

Yup so that marks the end of my super brief reviews on Pejoy flavours. Grab it in China if you have the chance!! Get me 2 Tomato Pizzas and Cheesecake too tyvm hahahaha.

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