Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#776 - Taobao Earrings Haul

Hahaha lousy side flatlay by the floor but here are my purchases. Recently v into earrings, especially the minimalist-styled ones.
5 of the pairs are from the same store. V happy w my purchases, plus they do not cost a bomb too!

Crescent Dangling Earrings (lol I am v bad w naming items): Expectations.

The dangling bit is detachable.

Reality. One of the side is slightly crooked but other than that no issues. It's so cheap I shouldn't hiam right. I quite like it!

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2 before shipping

How it looks like on the ear! This chain tangles quite easily though!

A somewhat better but blurrer definition here.

Pearl Heart-Shaped Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. Damn sweet omg can match my laced dresses. And then the pearls are stuck on neatly - OCD so I am v pleased w it.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2.22 before shipping

Hehe ft. obiangaf curtains. 🙈

Heart-Shaped Earrings : Expectations.

Reality. Just like the stock photo. Comes in gold too!

đŸ’ĩ: SGD1.11 before shipping
🌐: (same link as the pearl ones)

So simple and easy to match!

Rose Petals Earrings w Pearl: Expectations.

Reality. Can be worn 3 ways! The pearls are actually the pushbacks (earrings backing).
So you can insert the earring from either side of your earlobes depending on where you want your pearls/petals to be.. if you get what I mean. You can have the pearls and rose petals hanging half on each side of the earlobe or wear it long w the pearls as studs. The rose petals come in many colours but I think this is one of the nicest.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2.64 before shipping

Pearl at the back side of the earlobe.

Pearl as stud look. Might be a bit too overboard tho! Look like those earrings 古čŖ… people wear.

Marble Dangling Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. One of my first few earrings in gold!
Is chio de w the marble prints and I love the clinking of the different dangling bits hahaha. I think this is my favourite out of all.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD3.76 before shipping

Zoomed really in because breakout and scars (I might have overexfoliate my skin so I needa stop) but here's how it looks on an earlobe lolol.

Long Minimalist Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. This was from another Taobao shop. The rest above are all from Taimi Style å¤ĒįžŽéĨ°å“. First saw it on blogger LMT. I knew I had to get it. She wore it in one of her instagram posts and I tried to do an image search on Taobao but failed to find it. Then she shared her recent earrings haul image on Dayre and I used that to search instead.

Got it!! So happy okay. Is so chio. 😍

đŸ’ĩ: SGD3.07 before shipping
Lol bad photo messy hair and all but look at that. 👌

😗 Can't wait to zng nice nice and wear them out!

Done w sharing my mini Taobao earrings haul!

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