Wednesday, September 27, 2006

pe shirt design chged today..
and we gort two designs to chose frm..
frm wad i noe, i tink most ppl chose design 1..
and it's dri-fit material..
which is better..
but i hope it's nort more ex.. =X
nth much to update on today huhs..
lemme jus like upload two photos i kope frm eh giam blog..

me and ah lilililililili. (:

me and jiaying. :D my smile looked forced. =X

ni de ma ma mei you gao su ni de ma. gen ren jia jiang hua shi yao kan zhe dui fang. bu yao kan bie bian. ))):

hope you rest in peace soon and the police will succeed in finding the murderer. he deserves to die. x_x

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