Saturday, October 28, 2006

jus read xuan's blog..
den she wrote until like so sad luhhs.. )):
although she said dun cry bcos of the separation and laugh bcos of the memories we once had,
and oso yvonne who said tat nth last forever and everything must come to an end,
but it wun be the same anymore lohs..

i rmb the times we had as a class..
the sec 2 camp.
the june class gathering.
the CFN night.
the frisbee competition.
the coming chalet.

although life will nvr be the same anymore, but it still has to go on..
we had many happy times..

and all of us i am sure will reminisce on them and smile.. (:
like wad xuan said.
we may nt be in the same classes anymore,
but when we happened to walk past one another one day,
rmb to say hi..
dun jus walk past pretending we are strangers,
pretending that we are jus sch mates,
that have nvr been classmates b4..
in all i appreciate and cherish the times 2gether in times of difficulty and fun.. (quoted frm ah gong)
天下無不散之宴席. [viewing encoding unicode (UTF-8)]

with that, i end my speech. (bow)

replies to tag:
jiaying: yepps.. chge skin lers.. (: yahhs.. ur evil laughter.. hahas.. yeah.. we are nvr strangers.. 2A ROCKS MY LIFE!!! XD
zhenyi: yeah.. U ARE GUAI. XD
ahlii: yah lahs.. very professional luhhs.. eeyer lohs.. u zi kua.. and yahhs.. we are nvr strangers.. (: rewind.. yahhs.. feeling so nostalgic lahs..

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