Saturday, October 14, 2006

so i woke up early in the morn today..
when most ppl are still slping in their cosy bird nests.. =/
tat's so tooting unfair..
and when i reached the school..
only elaine in our klas..
toot lahs..
den aft awhile, ppl started arriving..
we went to 2G and did the papers..
and i tink the qns suck lahs..
one of the qns was:
[sth like this]
Mountain A is tall, and rough and jagged.
Mountain B is short and smooth.

Which of the following statements is true?
A. Mountain A is older than Mountain B.
B. Mountain B is older than Mountain A.
C. blah blah blah hemisphere.
D. blah blah blah conditions.

like hello?
how am i like suppose to infer?
frm the conditions?
i am nort an expert on this.
so i chose A..
cos i tink taller means older mahs.. =.-

and still gort..
another qn ask ' state one reason why we need to exercise.'
and duh.
it's to keep our body fit.

one more i talked crap..
they asked abt the atmospheric conditions one will experience when climbing up a mountain..
and den state wad the person needa bring to overcome those conditions..
and den i wrote the air will get lesser..
so the person will need to bring an oxygen tank.. ^^
i am bad..
i know tat..
but seriously i cant tink of anything den..

oh yahhs..
i gort all of your 4D maths paper 1 and 2 results.
mr teo asked me to keep it de.
so if anyone of you wana know your results,
either sms me,
or call,
or ask me when i am online.
thks. (:

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