Wednesday, October 18, 2006


wake up early in the morning.. yahhs.. met the rest at the cck mrt station.. yvonne and ade were late.. so we went to NTUC to grab some snacks first.. and ma, xuan and i went to Mac to buy our breakfast.. hahas.. and when yvonne and ade arrived, we left for sentosa.. on the way thr, we were chattering non-stop lahs.. and we sat down in the mrt, nort on the seats but on the floor.. XD hahas.. and ppl were looking at us.. hehs.. :D and yu xuan chged her phone again.. and i am so uber envious.. EEYER. =X hahas.. and aft the long long mrt ride, we took the shuttle bus to sentosa.. din really enjoy the bus ride cos i've gort motion sickness.. =/ xuan too.. hahas.. and somemore we took the last seats, way back.. O.O hahas.. and den we took the tram [is that what you call it?] to siloso beach.. woos.. sure was fun lahs.. hahas.. we saw a peacock.. [whistles] and we settled down.. and hmms.. we played frisbee.. nort bad.. wad a great start.. no sarcasm really.. and we ate the snacks.. den sandy they all went to play with the water.. hahas.. and we went to buy a volleyball.. and it cost 18 bucks.. OMG lahs.. we split the cost.. duh. =.- and we played at the space provided.. although we were total noobs thr.. =/ but volley sure was fun although my hands hurt from all those hitting.. herhs..

and jia zhi and i went to buy ah, the suntan mat.. it's so freaking tooting ex can.. it cost 13 bucks!! and we bot it.. hahas.. nvm lahs.. we wana suntan mahs.. the rest went back to water-playing.. so jia zhi and i had to move the mat lahs.. it's so damn heavy and we had to practically drag the whole thing to the coconut tree, or was it jus some random tree? aiya. whatever lahs.. then the rest went to eat their lunch while jia zhi and i suntanned.. for straight 2 hrs plus.. WHOOSH. and i saw alot of zilian duno wad country ppl.. they took photos of themselves taking the shawls with the wind blowing in their faces.. GOSH. get the picture? one even posed with her umbrella on top of her head.. MUMMY!! =.-

and ALL BCOS OF THAT SI DU PI HAZE. GRR. i only get a shade darker.. aww. )): but at least i am darker now although it's nort that obvious.. and eeyer.. jia zhi is darker than me now lohs.. grr.. why isit so de unfair one? and the PSI reading started increasing.. TOOT TOOT TOOT. 135. walao! blocked away my sunny sun.. UH! and den sth digusting or u can say pervertic or perverted happened.. jia zhi and i went to the female toilet and a young adult was like stripping???!!! GAWD. it was only the top, my dear.. hahas.. i saw her frm the back and i was flabbergasted.. O.O jia zhi was like, let's get out.. hahas..

and hmms.. sandy they all duno doing wad.. took them so long to eat.. =X hahas.. but i knew they took alot of photos.. hahas.. and they went to play water again.. and i played frisbee with jia zhi.. and she's my dog.. woots.. after tat, we went to help in burying xuan.. wahahas.. so de fun.. even xuan was enjoying it.. she said tat she dun wana go home lers, cos lying like that very comfortable.. hae-haw. :D and den we left lers.. cos it started drizzling.. aww. wad a bummer.. )): and xuan lost her bracelet.. so we helped her find.. but to no avail.. hais.. and oh ya.. a caucasian or ang moh, wadever way u call them, asked me to help him take a photo of him and his wive and the oh-so-beautiful-scenery of sentosa.. and i was uncertain whether i passed aft taking the photo.. and he told me i was a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. WOA. i was grinning from ear to ear u noe.. hahas.. and he said thank you and u noe wad i said back? NORMAL people will say welcome, and me? the ABNORMAL. i said thank you back.. TOOT.. so dumb can.. [slaps myself] and xuan cant find her bracelet.. ): xuan, dun be sad kays? (: and uh.. we had a washing up.. and tooks tons of photos.. woo hoos.. haven grab from yvonne, jia zhi and xuan yet.. so will upload them some time bahs.. and thr's one where i took the volleyball and sandy dar sae i look like some girl advertising for the ball.. hahas.. and we took the tram back.. and the uncle was friendly enough to take photos with us.. (:

had dinner.. and i was so full lers.. with a big bowl of raymeeon and 2 cups of ribena.. =X and i duno why jia zhi and sandy can even eat ice kachang aft tat.. hhas.. took the mrt hme and sandy dar pei wo wait for bus.. so gd huhs.. yahhs.. (: my day ended here.. hahas.. and tat mr teo.. go anyhow put things for his nick.. i dun even have the maths results lahs.. i only gort the 4D one.. and lots of ppl keep asking me for their results lahs.. walao! hmms.. still gort wad ah.. ahh.. tat ah wen.. flooded me again.. 1100++ this time.. wad the.. hahs..

and.. yahhs.. i am a RED crab and jia zhi is currently a RED lobster who is a substitute for a dog for my pet.. cos our faces were being cooked ytd.. and i've gort a red nose like rudolf the reindeer..

i had fun ytd. (:

and our class blog is viewed and is no longer a spam blog.. i received this email..

Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and cleared for regular use so thatit will no longer appear as potential spam.
If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal.
Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Blogger Team

and the problem is that i still cant post.. so i wrote back an email using some lines i learnt from writing a complaint letter in klas.. and i really sent it back to them although i have yet to get back their reply.. this is wad i typed.

With regards to this email, i have tried to post after i signed out and signed in but i still cannot post at all. It still claims that my blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. Why is it still like that? It is stated in the email that 'If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal.' However, this did not happen at all. I would hope to hear from you soon why i still cannot post. Thank you.

a blogger

dun laugh kays? i was really sincere and concerned abt tat blog thing.. yeah.. see my self-less love for 2A? hahas..

replies to tags:
jiayinG: wad.. is they ask me one lahs.. uh.. dun wan say.. hahs.. yah lohs.. i tink u will be tricked one de.. tksfer linking.. (:
argina: she did.. become red.. hahas.. din wish i become darker.. )):
YIJIN: hahas.. tks.. hahas.. take care too.. although i duno u well.. (:
YONGKIANtan: hahs.. tat trick is for u to guess and for me to know.. guess bahs.. wad's the code fer making tat ting move ah? i wana noe.. XD
ICECREAM: say sth besides hello? HI! hahas..

have been wanting to ask u one very important qn for long..
but i could never find the courage to actually do so..
u gave me a chance to say what i wanted..
but still..
i never make good use of it..
i guess it's too late to ask now.. ):
i hate having regrets.. =X

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