Thursday, November 23, 2006

shufen is bored.
and she shall do a quiz.
and the ans wun be vague i promise. (:

are you a chinese or english freako?
er. english bahs. usually read english storybooks. hate the chinese ones. SHOO them. =.-

if time is going to stop, what will you possibly do for that time?
er. run to everyone i know. and tell them that time's running out!! and i will hug everyone after telling. (:

prefer a playpool or playground?
playground! i am still young. hahas.

do you usually gossip others or being gossiped?
er. BOAT bahs. yahs. depends on what type of things lors.

do you like simple or complicated stuffs?
er. depends too. cos some things may be better if they are simpler, but also, vice versa. (:

do you tackle numbers better or alphabets?
alphabets. i jus prefer them to numbers. there's only 26 of them to 'memorise'. :D

what makes you pissed off?
er. when people tease me abt some things which are so not true and they keep insisting on it. grr.

how is your childhood?

do you have inspiration without perspiration?
yesh. [:

do you think 24hrs is too long, short or just okay?
er. depends bahs. see what is happening on that day lors. (:

would you judge people for their appearance?
erm. yeap. hahas. so bad hors? trying to chage this 'habit'. yah.

what is attractive in your eyes?
bright? and that it can 'talk'? that's what my friend told me. LOLS.

do you like the day or night, explain.
day. okay. i admit i am afraid of the dark. =X

do you treasure stuffs that you own, or you have insatiable desires?
the second one. i have lots of wishes unfufilled yet. hais. ):

if your computer just hanged up, with a long long document not being saved, how will you react?
i will curse and swear. and hit the com. and shout at anyone who talk to me at that moment.

do you believe in miracles? or was it longed predestined?
I 100% BELIEVED IN MIRACLES. cos i think that if you believe in them, they will happen someday. =D

do you often tend to forget the past, or trying hard to do so? what are you trying to forget?
BOAT. depends on the things. trying to forget those sad moments i had.

in your mind, why colours are out here?
cos they make the world a nice one. without them, the world will not look so happy at all. (:

have you ever pitied those who are really pityful, and shed tears for them etc?
YESH. BOAT. once i saw an old granny sweeping the grass and she seemed so ke lian. then i cried. hais.

describe yourself as in attitude.
can be very frank sometimes. yah. but knows that i have shut my mouth lest i say sth wrong.

do you suddenly lose the grasp of hope to survive as yet?
er. that was last time bahs. yah. tks to yili. the feeling's gone. (:

give 3 advantages when you get to live.
firstly, i get to know lots of friends that treat me so well until i am so touched.
secondly, i get to know that loving someone is so easy yet so hard.
thirdly, i get to know that the earth's round. haha.

what is your ambition in life?
i wana be a counsellor. but i am not up to it cos i cant even control my emotions well. =X

do you believe in horoscope etc?
SAGITTARIUS! yeap. ((: [nods head]

describe music in your life.
music calms one's soul.

which country you would like to go, when you can afford it?

what do you think blogging is about?
to share your feelings and thoughts to the people who read them. and also to post abt ur life and etc.

what kind of style are you trying to get hold of?
no idea. hahas.

when you fail a test, what would be your reaction?
i will have no reaction. cos i know it's no use crying over split milk. i am not like the rest. where they moancrycomplainblamethemselves for the results.

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