Saturday, November 11, 2006

release of the streaming results today..
i gort into the course i chose and wanted..
there were many scenes..
ppl were crying..
ppl were smiling..
lots of my friends were crying..
and i duno how to comfort ppl..
so i jus said, dun cry le lahs..
i felt so bad.. )):
seeing them cry make me wana cry too..
aww.. )':

ever heard of sth called chocolate-coated cheeze??
it's yuk to me..
and my bro actually bought it..
dun even noe such digusting combo of food exist..

my eyes twinkled whenever i see him.
my heart thumped faster whenever he came online.
i started to miss seeing him since that day.
is this love?

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: yahhs.. yay.. (: lollipops!! woots! x))
jiayinG: hahas.. i love boat of ur.. i very fair de.. (:
ZHENYI!: nvm.. hahas.. gort lollipops can lers.. yay.. =D
XUANN-`!: nvm.. if u bored, nxt time come find me.. i can entertain u.. =DD
hey hey: hahas.. take care too.. (: same classes nxt yr with u.. be prepared.. hahas..
§hwyi: hellos.. hahas.. yahhs.. it was FUNNN!! i gort into the stream i wanted.. tks.. (:

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