Wednesday, December 6, 2006

a change of skin once again.
kope the layout from afiqah.
dun worry, i credited you. (:
i am so in love with orange now.
weets. ((x
it's so effin nice and HAWT lahs.
yeah. (:

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: u are a kind bully. hahahhas. if you are as clever as the dictionary, then i am USA's president. hahahahas. :DD
Yongkian: hahas. nevermind. you can grab anything you find nice in my blog. ((:
fEliCiA: hellos. thanks for the tag. ((:
sandii: hahas. yah. change again. 2 times. :DD hahas. thanks for tagging. (:
huiisian: hahas. >D
kaii xiin: when did i fall in love? hmms. cant rmb lers. hahas. but orange is a NICE color. (:
jiaying: hahas. oh. LOLS. :D
Nat: HELLOS. (: hahas. yeah. ORANGE ROCKS. [:

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