Saturday, September 1, 2007

hahahahahah. today was good. (((:

school was okay. and started off with walk-a-jog but no one seemed to be running so i decided it shall be called walk-a-walk. hahahah. the walk was 3.4km long and we wasted a long time strolling back. we had prize presentations later and cheered darn loudly for the teachers we like. hahahah. halfway, we called canadian pizza so that we wouldnt look pathetic with only a few cans of chips and 2 bottles of beverages. then surprise! we won the class flag competition. weee. and we got a hamper. so yeah, we chen ji used the food so that it seemed as though we bought a lot of things. hahah. the flag is real nice, drawn by ivy.

class party later. was busy eating and the hawaiian and pepperoni pizza were gone in a few seconds, leaving the cheese and the tandoori chicken one. hahahah. had fun playing with cream later and also cam-whoring! :D then yunhui and i realised that there were two packets of merci chocolate left from the hamper so we decided to give them to mr koh and ms sim on behalf of 3c. hahahah. reuse, recycle. oh ya, and ms sim seriously looked nicer and yonuger in jeans and polo tee lah. (:

went to lot 1 later to meet elena with nat. then we took the bus back to kps. turned out that we had to wait until 1 before we can enter the school. rahh. so we took the bus back to lot1, this time with raine along. met with nicole later and elena semi-treated us to bubble tea. she left for home to change and came with samuel later. took the bus and went back to kps. so darn lame i know. not a lot of people went back this year lah. )): mrs thoo has became more feminine and yu lao shi, older. i think he is leaving next year if i am not wrong. dont know why, i see yu lao shi, i felt a sense of nostalgia. :X anyway, a lot of them slimmed down by a lot lah, whereas i think i am the only one who is gaining the weight. so not fair! )): keith slimmed down a lot too. really. and he is so tall now. rahhhh. went home later. :D

a slash of cream and a cup of pepsi. (:

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