Tuesday, September 18, 2007

to guy:
are you sure about your feelings for her?
many said that you are a flirt but she begged to differ.
if you dont like her, just say so.
let her give up on you once and for all.
dont keep giving her hopes.
once her hopes get high, she will get hurt easier.
the one who will be hurt in the end is her.
she is my friend and i really dont want to see that happen.

to girl:
are you sure that this is the path you want to choose?
sometimes it's best to listen to what your friends have to say about him.
and this time you shouldnt listen to your heart.
he is a flirt.
you are my friend.
i dont want to see you hurt.
i really dont want to.


3 more months. muhahahah. (:

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