Thursday, October 11, 2007

Highights of the entry today:

1. I AM BACK!!!! :DDD
2. There might be a 2a chalet. :)
3. There might not be olympics in Beijing next year in 2008 and...
4. Kranji lowest acceptable aggregate score for express stream increases.

1. hahahha. yay-nesss! :D so i am not on hiatus anymore which means i shall blog on a regular basis soon. exams are officially over, unless you count the o-level chinese. :/ well. let's not think about that. hahaha. these 2 weeks have been a torment. ( i dont know how i survived. hahahha. anyway, gonna update now. (:

there might be a class chalet if many of you are interested in having one this year, mr teo will be booking the chalet for us if i didnt hear wrongly. so... make a decision soon and i hope it is a wise one. for more details, please call 1800-934-5332 please ask sandy. (: cos i got the information from her.)

3. Jenny* told me that her brother's friend's friend predicted that there wouldnt be olympics held next year in Beijing. and if that really happens, the world is going to come to an end. i was shocked when i heard this. i certainly hope it's not true cause i dont want to die!!! (but if i am not wrong, the source is highly reliable.) i still want to experience many stuff. i have not gone around the whole world yet. i want to die at an old age peacefully. i dont want to die young. ): so, moral of the story is never listen to any friend who has the name jenny/never listen when friends are talking. NOT! moral of the story is to live life happy and enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones. (:

*name changed to protect person's privacy.

4. && last of all. I just read my brother's PSLE book of schools blah thing. that thick booklet whereby it list the average aggregate for the different schools. and KSS upped the aggregate for the express stream. if i didnt remember wrongly, during my time (like so old liao), the lowest aggregate score needed for the express stream was like 224 or 225, now, 3 years later, it has increased to 231. wahh. like so high canz. :O but yeah, things do changed. (:

i wish that i could find the words to say.

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