Friday, October 19, 2007

today is a sad sad day, so let's cry together.

okay. i didnt fail many subjects but was very disappointed in some of the subjects i scored. sigh. but what could be done. it's no use crying over spilt milk. how i wish i had not slacked a lot during the MYE, cos i wasnt really in the studying mood then. then with the marks, my grades will be pulled down by a lot. i have to work hard for next year, if i really want to go to a junior college. i thought of many things already, actually. the L1R5 is very important. say for example, the highest grade is like eg B3 for me. then if i got the luck to get B3 for all the 6 subjects i am counting, the total score is like 18?! which is like so high. i think i will get 20 plus plus lah. )))): so in order for me to get like 15 and below, i must have like at least 3-4 A1s or A2. it's really freaking difficult and thinking of the year ahead make me have trouble sleeping. gahhh.

i dont know how can i cope next year man. i cannot be so slack already. i dont know what to do. feeling so lost right now.

Could it be that nothing's gonna change?
'Cause time has got a way of taking back everything you thought you had.

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