Wednesday, October 24, 2007

xuete. intensive revision for HCL now end at either 4 or 5. it's like so darn long and for the whole week?! faggot.

mdm yong, i know you want us to get good results for the O LVL, but i think you are trying a little too hard. i dont mind if you keep on giving us assignments to do, i am able to cope with the load but having us to stay back and listen to you explain for like so long, it's seriously a waste of time. i suggest you should ask if we understand the passage next time, and you can just go through all those that we dont know, not all. i really dont like having to walk home under the hot sun and then sweating like hell later thanks to the fact that we are being released late.

and can you have a time management? you are either late or something. this wasted a lot of time. like today for example. we wasted like more than half an hour trying to get a space so that we can settle down, and plus the fact that we couldnt find you. please, if you are really sincere about helping us, dont be late, and we can also end early and go back home to revise. some people may find your lessons effective, but i beg to differ. yes, maybe you helped me a little in the cloze passage and maybe helped me in understanding some of the words which i have never heard of, but i think that's all i learnt. maybe you think that nanyang girls' have a very high percentage for the HCL, but we are not them. we cant compare with them, we have worked hard already. maybe the way they got so high for their papers is because they stay back till late, but what's the point of following them? it's really no use. all these are really last minute work. i am afraid to see what might happen when it comes to O LVL HCL next year.

take my advice and you'll never go wrong.

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