Saturday, December 1, 2007

ELDDS Camp `07 ♥

okay. i am back here after a good night sleep yesterday to update on what has been happening to me in camp. it's gonna be so boring so i suggest you guys not to read it.

but before i start, i shall talk about something else. recently i submitted a collage on the 2a-ians to U-weekly. and it got selected. (pls refer to this week's U-weekly to see/find out more) i actually took a photo of the magazine page but it's in the other com now and i am lazy enough to transfer it here, so i shant post it up then. hahahhaha.

anyway camp. :DD this camp was like fun-ner than those i had last time, no idea why, there wasnt a moment when i feel sad, i was happy plus tired throughout the 3days in school. :))))

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007
when i reached the school, many were already there. left our stuff in the 2a (love) classroom and the 2h classroom., the girls and the boys respectively. went spin room and got to know our new trainer, Mr Helmi Fita. he looked so darn strict but actually he's quite funny. plus he is able to control ppl, someone in particular. hhahahahha. :D

we were told to introduce ourselves first and then we had our first physical training which includes stuff like front roll, back roll, headstand, handstand and cartwheel. plus those piggyback thing. i was partnered with emilia and yeah, i think everyone enjoyed it. Mr Helmi made all the stunts seem like so easy, i think it's ok. after all that, lunch came. cooked by asyiqin's mother and i think it's great. her mum is a good cook. :D:D:D

after lunch, Mr Helmi split us into groups and we had to think of a group name. natalie neo wanted sexy in the name so in the end, we were known as the 'sexy psychos'. :) then we were told to brainstorm for ideas for the Traffic Light Project thingy. eg. what does a traffic light means to us, the three colours of it represented what, etc. and we were told to construct a mindmap to show the different colours. and yongkian said 'bra' for all 3. that pervert. hahahha. he played some music later and we were supposed to feel ______. i tried hard to feel but somehow i dont really get it. the music sounded funny, i swear. it sounded like ppl moaning. :/

later in the evening, i went with weisheng to lot 1 to collect the cakes and flowers for ms fazlin, ms maryrajoo and the seniors. there was this monster mash dance which we missed cos the dance were taught when we
were away. then i went around the school seeing the juniors getting prepared for the horror night thingy. their costumes were great and i think they put in a lot of effort in it. yepps. (: & i love huda's hairband which shuhua wore for the horror thingy. it was like when you wear it, a knife seemed to like stab through your head. aiya. diff to explain over here. :/ the sec4 came later and many took photos. then we had this prize presentation thing and yeah, it was really very ______, touching? i cant find a suitable word lah.

the juniors started dancing later to the monster mash songs, super cute and funny. :D:D we had dinner cooked by ms fazlin if i am not wrong and later cakes. super yummy. ((: games later and many got dirty in the flour game. messes were all around and we all helped in clearing up. then we were told that we could clean up and sleep already. bath in the boys toilet (no one was inside and we got permission from the guys already) since there was not enough cubicles in the girls' one and there were less number of boys in ELDDS. emilia was tired and she went to sleep early while deb and i went to play card games with some of the sec1 juniors plus yongkian since they have not sleep yet. we played this 'hamburger' game, cheat etc. so so fun playing in the dark. slept at like 2 plus plus later and everytime i woke up, either feeling cold, or pain due to the fact that my tail bone hurts. the floor felt so hard. DD:

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2007
i was aching all over when i woke up the next day. D: we had eggs and hotdogs plus milo for breakfast prepared by doreen, weisheng, guanyeow and andrey if i am not wrong. thanks. ((:

later during physical training, we lied down on the floor and listen to the peaceful music. it was so long and at times, i thought the music was about to end, it continued playing. :/ were told to do those stunts we learnt the day before on mats later. and then after that, we played A E I O U . funfun. Mr Helmi was like trying to make me laugh so i kept on rolling my eyes so that i wouldnt have to look at his funny face. we had this exercise later to like pretend to be that somebody that Mr Helmi told us to be, eg. professional model, lion, prostitute, etc. (: got into our groups again and discussed our scripts for the Traffic Light Project thing. and yeah, we were considered done.

lunched later on nasi lemaks by the food catering. felt full. if i am not wrong, we had this game later when we were like given a stick and we had to act as though it was something else. i used it as a paintbrush. hahahhahhah.

later in the eveing, we played TABOO and had dinner after that. we gave each other funny nicknames. i was BeeHoon, i had no idea why, Deb was KOKOKRUNCH, Emilia was Mongkok and YongKian was YongTauHu/YongTauFu.

we had group rehearsals later and it was so fun. okay, i know my vocab is very limited since i kept using the word 'fun' but i dont care if you hate it. :D

showered later and then we had this nightwalk thingy. super not scary cos i knew the way around even though we were being blindfolded. my group's facilitator was haikal/haiqal/haiqel and he was patient with us. then we went to the place which he claimed to be the 'Most Haunted Place in School, The DnT Block', which was actually the HomeEcons room cos i smelt milo which was for supper. make me laugh, no idea why. before we entered the 'Most Haunted Place in School, The DnT Block', there were ppl with brooms and feather dusters brushing our feet plus some blowing on our necks. and i was like 'eh, blow more leh, i super hot canz.' hahhahahhah.

supper later with milo, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup which was yummy. later had card games in 2H classroom and then later outside on the floor in front of the lift. hahahhah. we felt hungry later and ms tang gave us some milk biscuits which was yummy and some were still hungry after that and so we went to ask ms tang for maggi mee. there were too many who were hungry and so ms tang told all of us to go to bed instead.

Thursday, 29 Nov 2007
i slept well that night, no idea why and then woke up to prepare breakfast for the rest with emilia, deb, yongkian and hwaiyi. i was in charge of cooking the hotdogs since i dont know how to crack eggs. (yes, pls dont laugh, everytime i crack eggs, the shell goes into the egg white/egg yolk.) french toast and milo were cooked by the others and then the rest started coming in for breakfast. later we had this omelette which looked like an underwear so it was called the 'Underwear Omelette'. hahahhaha.

training later again in the spin room and we had games. like duck duck goose and Dog & Bone. my group thrashed the other group in the Dog & Bone game, (10-5) so we got free massage from them, but in the end, we formed this massage train and walked around while massaging. there were obstacles in the way like eg, we had to climb on top of the chairs and tables, or maybe like crawl under the table. i enjoyed it. ((:

then we had this rolling game. where many had to lie flat on the mats while others rolled on them. once in a lifetime experience. :D i think it was cool. dont think that you are light/skinny that when you roll over, you wont hurt anyone. Natalie Tan is like super skinny, but when she rolled over, it hurts cos she's too bony. :/ then we had this Impromptu storytelling session, i didnt go, cos i was so shy. hahhahahah.

lunch later with asyiqin mother's cooking again. the sec3 sat together and we talked a little about the grad show next year. rehearsals later and then it was the actual performance later. blahblahblah. we had group photo with Mr Helmi and then we decided to have him for our trainer next year. sad that next year, i am gonna be sec4 and will be like leaving soon. DD:

we packed up later and a few of us went to eat at Mac, we talked, laughed like crazy and it was home sweet home. (:

i am done with posting but it doesnt really look lengthy to me. ahhhh, whatever. (:

we're crashing into the unknown.

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