Friday, January 18, 2008


17 Dec 1992.

You find yourself in luck, both in personal and professional life. You like to share your wealth and happiness with friends. You are probably very ambitious and goal oriented. Sometimes, you getover excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your ability to make your own luck.

Thinking you can do it all.

Did this on facebook, What Does Your Birthdate Means? how very true. (:


school was shitty as usual, with the exception of a few happy moments like during recess. LOL.

had a heaty arguement with one teacher yesterday, and i think i got some of my classmates shock at the fact that i retort back at the teacher. but i wasnt being rebellious, the teacher really pissed me. she actually accused me of cheating and gave me a 0 on my paper and so i went to argue with her. she asked, 'You're not happy is it?' i was like 'hot' already, so i replied, 'Precisely!' with much anger. and the whole class was quiet. LOL. and guess what i did later? i crumpled the test paper and then cried. very very stupid i know, i was angry till i cried. i really hate being maligned. and that teacher dont even care, she continued teaching, which obviously meant that she was really oblivious to the surroundings. after the lesson, i was asked to see her. and she told me that she want me to know that she wasnt really biased against me etc. from the tone of her voice, i ____________. fill in the blanks, i dont want to say it. and lastly, she asked me to stay happy. LMAO. and then when i went back to class, some were asking me why i was laughing. -.- okay, i so hate the teacher now, but i hate shit more, if you know what i'm talking about.

seriously i dont know what i did in my previous life to get sucky te*chers like this. oops, i didnt spell the whole word out, so i am not pointing fingers at anybody. i think that i must have done a lot of bad things to suffer under the te*chers' torture. sigh, this is my fate. :(


die. i'm super addicted to 'With You' by Chris Brown. ♥ i have looped it and have been listening to it since 1hr ago.


I'll divide my sense of longing into a thousand pieces,
then fold them into paper airplanes and fly them to you,
in hope that you will come looking for me with them in your hands.

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