Saturday, December 13, 2008

#4 - Tell me why you're so hard to forget

jiaying`: Haha, thanks. Oh, haha, all the graduation night photos in my LiveJournal. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. :X I got a job at HomeFix at BPP. :D Heard that you got a job as a cashier at Holland V yeah? (:

fEliCiA: Hehe, thanks for tagging. (:

Yongkian: Haha, I have to wait for 2 weeks to get the uniform. I am only interested in wearing the windbreaker they provided despite the fact that I don't get to keep it in the end. :X Haha, I applied for Watsons but I am underaged, 'cause I'm considered 15 although I am born in 1992. Like whatthefish. Haha. I am currently working at HomeFix at BPP. (:

KAIXIN: Hello! Haha, do you mean David Archuleta's songs? I have them and I can send them to you. But you'll have to wait a while, 'cause there's something wrong with my messenger. :X Thanks for tagging by the way. (:

yuxuan: Wah, younger than me. Call me bitch. Whore! :DD Working at HomeFix at BPP. (:

may: Haha. Yepps. Idk why Mozilla FireFox got such problems, I don't use it anyway. :D
cheekeong: Hello, I've linked you up. (: Anyway, I can't type your tag name here, there's something wrong.
1. Mozilla FireFox
2. Stupid Messenger
3. The New Kranji
4. Exercising While At Work
5. Hot Guys

1. Mozilla FireFox

Lol. (click on image for larger version)

Many have been tagging me telling me about the screwed codes of this skin when viewed in Mozilla FireFox, so I thought I'd just put up that sign so that people won't bug me about it anymore. I don't use FireFox so I can't do anything to assess the damage. I like this skin a lot, so if you want me to change, wait long long. (:

2. Stupid Messenger
And whatthefish. There's something wrong with my messenger. Whenever I use it, my computer automatically restarts on me. At first, I thought it was my computer's problem, but then I realised everytime I used messenger, the computer just restarts. -.-

FYI: Just yesterday, the computer restarted on me 5 times just because I clicked 'Sign In'. T.T I've deleted messenger and won't be online these few days probably. Gonna try downloading messenger again soon if the problem stops. Meanwhile, please do not miss me not being online, instead, take the initiative to tag over here. (:

3. The New Kranji
You know the Teck Whye area where they are gonna use to 'store' the Kranjians when the actual school is going through PRIME? I happen to pass by it everytime I take 190 to work. I see that they have been preparing for the grand entrance of Kranji. There are core values painted on the walls of the building, I can only see 'Responsibility' and 'Integrity'.

What makes it so Kranji is that the pillars are the exact same GREEN as the one seen in the original Kranji Secondary School. Yuck. And the classrooms are like small and stuffy and godknows what you would find inside there.

I really pity the batch of Kranjians going there later, especially the 2009 graduating batch, they have to get use to going to the new location, to the new environment, to the new halls, 'cause that's probably where they are going to take their 'O' Levels next year. Sure hope they would do well. (: (No sarcasm intended)
4. Exercising While At Work
Lastly, I realised that I haven't been exercising for long. Plus due to working, I have got no time for it anyway. That's when I realised I was so wrong!
Due to the fact that the place I work at sells paint as well, whenever customers need paint, I have to unload big cans of 5litre paint just to find the ones that the customers need. The paint cans are stacked in fours and are sometimes taller than me. (Not that I am that short, I am 157.1cm) Which means the paint cans can reach up to 160cm in height. And most of the time, I am the one doing the loading and unloading jobs.
I was muttering in disgust at the huge stack of paint cans until I realised I can work my arm muscles and get rid of those unwanted fats at the same time! Although sometimes when I helped a customer to find the paint he/she wants, unload the whole 160cm of paint all on the ground and found out that the paint he/she wants has got no stock, I am not really that 'angry' because I kept comforting myself, saying that this would help get rid of my arm fats. Hahah! I think I sound as though I am advertising for some sort of equipment. :D

5. Hot Guys

Haha, I was so wrong towards something again!

Remember I mention before that no teenagers won't like go to my workplace to patronise at all in my LiveJournal. No loh, actually quite a lot of Hot Guys visit my workplace leh, plus most of them around 16-19 years old. :D

Haha, and there are a lot of Caucasians patronising the store too! Coolness or not! I even saw mixblood. Wah, hot eh! ((: There's this young Caucasian handsome looking boy of about 8 years old, so shy and even said hello to me. Wah. Totally melt over. :D
4 more days.

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