Monday, January 12, 2009

#24 - Results

Bloody hell, Typical Singaporeans.

Today was results day and my blog hits shoot up 2 times the normal one. -.-

I am contented with my results, because I know myself well. But then after looking at other people's results, I feel so demoralised suddenly. ): How?

But but but, I got a B3 for Amaths, it may be lousy to you, but to a constant failure like me, a B3 is good enough, since I did not complete a 13marks question and left many questions undone. And I got like an A2 for Combined Humanities, I thought I was going to get like B4 since I didn't get to finish my Geography in time. :X Lastly, I got A2 for Physics, leaving Mr Koh speechless. (:

However however, I am not contented with my English, which is a B4, although I expected it. I felt as though I've disappointed Ms Lee, though she thought that I did well already. And I hate myself for getting a B3 for Emaths. How can you get such a grade?! If I could retake one paper, it would certainly be Emaths for me. ):

And like fuck, my L1R5 is like so 不三不四 that it's hard for me to choose where to go. ):

My first choice is like Catholic JC. Hopefully can go lahhhh. Sure hope got 4c-ians going there. Roger and Timothy's 1st choice is CJC as well. So hope that we all get into same JC, then at least I will have company. Any girls want go CJC? (:

Anyway, congrats to all scholars, esp to WEISHENG! You did ELDDS proud! :D:D:D

Went to Bugis with May straight after results. Got 2 tees and a tube. (:

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