Thursday, January 29, 2009

#34 - Updates

(edited) I got Qing Yi Se at Hanyang's house that day! First time. :D

Don't ask me why I revert back to Blogger Template. I like this template anyway.

I have been having weird dreams lately, like today, where my colleague suddenly becomes a magician and force me to be her guinea pig. ZZZ.


I've been playing Mahjong for like straight 3days in a row, and I am not sick of it at all. In fact, I will be breaking this record by playing at Yili's house later with Kunda and Clive. Lol!
I've played Mahjong for 4days in a row! (updated)

And I received loads of angbao moneyyyy! Yay!

Dk who gave me this. D:

How my following days were spent:
(Warning: Sort of heavy image load)

Day One

Woke up early and then went to my maternal's side. Got 'freaked out' by the Jack Russell Terrier my cousin brought along and soonafter was being teased, yet again. Slacked at there for awhile after collecting red packets, endured the standard conversations like eg:

"Wah, you so tall already!"
"Wah, more and more pretty each time I see you leh."

"女大十八变 leh."
"Which school you going to ah?"
"You got bf le ah? (No.) Don't lie lah, that day I saw you holding hands with a guy..."
"Eh, you still working?"

I hate the last question the most. It seems like the first day I started work, everyone knows. I've stopped working! (bold, enlarged)
I felt like wearing a tag with those words around my neck every other time when the next person asked me if I am still working. Rawr.

Went back to paternal's side later, ie. my house. Used the computer while waiting for people to arrive, which was quite long. Then the standard conversations again (I've stopped working.) and then after that was a whole long period of camwhoring which I remembered lasted for more than half an hour. Seriously speaking, when you're bored, camwhoring is a good way to waste time!

My oh-so-adorable nephew who shares the same birthday as me! :D

There are still like 10 cousins missing from these photos. (Paternal's side, I am closer with them)

Part of the girls.

Part of the guys.

Then I took out my shades and we continued to camwhore. And seriously, let me show you a photo where I got dunked! I was busy taking out my shades and didn't know the rest of the cousins were planning to do so. So when we were all set and posed, ready for the camera, at the count of 3, the innocent me got pushed by so many hands to the front! I was caught unprepared but luckily my reaction was fast and that prevented me from falling head first.

Spot me. My cousins are sadists man, see how happy they were then!

Camwhoring with my shades.

After the normal camwhoring, we got bored. So we went crazy! (Rummages around the room for props.)
First on the list: Angbaos!

Second on the list: Bags!

Models in the making.

The guys decided to join in the fun, and I swear gq looks as though he's carrying the bag for his gf, haha!

Then my godmother came with her family and it happened that her son ie. my godbrother was wearing shades as well. So my cousin, py suggested we go out with the SHADES and BAGS to steal their limelight.

And so as half reluctant as I was, we slowly walked out to the living room.

On the way out...

We stole their limelight by the way! And made my godbrother, jj so awkward. The rest of us surrounded the 3 of us like fans and urged us to take a photo together. And so we did.

The end product. (:

Back into the room for more camwhoring. This time, py and I had our chance at ab-training.

(Imagine us lying on the bed yet lifting up half our body, like doing crunches.)

And another series of failed shots thanks to distractions from other cousins like eg, PY.

Shufen: "Uh, I give up."

We managed to take a successful shot though, but I didn't want to upload it here, because my smile looked kind of forced. :X

The checkered-pattern-with-two-front-pockets-shirt-with-buttoned-up-collar trend. (FYI:Tb's one wasn't buttoned at all, he just buttoned for the sake of this photo, right after this shot was taken, he unbuttoned it, lol!)

Then we came up with 2 conversations to tease the cousins. Like eg:

1st conversation
Me: Eh, where your gf/bf ah?
Him/her: No lah, I don't have.
Me: Where got? Don't bluff lah. That time I saw you holding hands with him/her.
Him/her: ...

2nd conversation (koped from py's blog)
Me: Eh? Your girlfriend ah?
Him: Yup. (Nods head)
Me: Ooh, i see. How come... the girl you brought the other day seemed different from this one?
Me: (gives a 'genuinely' puzzled look)
Him: (Widens eyes and gives a you'd-better-not-sabo-me! look)

Haha! I like I like! :D

Mahjong-ed later with my self-proclaimed Mahjong khakis, py, gy, wl, and yq while the girls (on top) continued camwhoring. Py and I were the only ones who sat for 4 and a half hours straight. I hu-ed quite a number of times and was contented. Lol. My back was seriously aching already!

Day Two

Movied with fellow paternal cousins at Lot 1. The 9 of us (including 3 adults) waited at the bus stop at my house downstairs for the stupid 307 which refuses to come, we were about to be late for the movie already. And 7th Uncle happened to pass by. Thus he sent us there. Imagine 9 of us squeeeeeeeezing in a normal car. Darn, that was a record breaking moment man! Lol.

Bought some popcorn and turned out that we were a few minutes late for the movie we were watching. Plus a group of people took our row of seats away. So we sat at the row in front. -.-

By the way, I watched that Fann Wong and Christopher Lee show. Dk why I would even watch it. The plot was super lame, like how FW and CL pretended to be couples in the media world so that they can keep on hitting the headlines and become famous, and one day, someone found out that they were lying, and then they both realised that they were falling for each other as time passes. ZZZ. I can already predict what would happen before the next scene. And Idk why the show wasn't rated NC-16, for I felt that some parts of the movie wasn't suitable for young children.

Went back to my house after that and it was Mahjong time with py, yq and gy. We only played 2 rounds with yq since he has to report back to army soon. And surprisingly, he hu-ed both the 2 rounds played. Then we were short of one player and so wl joined. Mj for a while and then we went into the room to camwhore again.

All the girls are present in this photo, except yc. The one in yellow's tb's gf.

Then we had this plan to get all the 8 aunts to take a photo together, and they kept changing the subjects or coming up with excuses that not all the aunts are present.

"But we can photoshop them in later!" was our reply.

Still, they refused. What a bummer.

The monkayes ie those born in year 1992! :D Happened to be all girls.

After that was dinner and then mahjong again till 9plus since the others have got schooling the following day. Boo. ):

Day Three
I was stuck at home with nothing to do, and so I bugged Yili and Genglin to go to Hanyang's house for Mahjong since he invited people along. And that Genglin actually made 2 girls wait near to 45minutes for him. That ass, he owes me like around 22 favours now.

We reached Hanyang's house at around 4 plus and then saw the guys ie. Eugene, Pitsoon, Kengwee and Hanyang mj-ing. Xuanyu was playing Dota (-.-) and ZhiQuan the PSP. We 三缺一 since Yunhui haven't reach yet and thus could not start a table. So while waiting, we watched the guys play. It was like super fast, lol. And then later, they played Texas Hold'em and I watched as well, even though I don't really get it.

Yunhui arrived later and we played Mahjong. I think Genglin got his retribution, we played for 2hours straight and he didn't even win a single round, until Xuanyu appeared and won back a round for him.

Later was steamboat dinner with the rest and I ate till I was like super full. The guys played Blackjack later and Yunhui, Yili, Zhiquan and I played Mahjong.

Hitched a ride home later with Yunhui, Yili and Xuanyu in Yunhui's dad's car.

Day Four
Just mj-ed with Kunda, Clive and Yili today at Yili's house. And Kunda seemed to be always losing. We played around 2 hours and he won nothing at all! Lol. Sadly, we ended the game so soon since the guys both had peer tutoring. D:

Anybody next time want play Mahjong must jio me okay? But I don't play with money one, lol.


Sidetrack: By the way, if you noticed, if you counted the photos that were after the 'How my following days were spent:' part, there are like 32 photos!

What a beautiful coincidence. (:

Happy Birthday, Eugene!

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