Saturday, January 31, 2009

#36 - Mahjong craze

I mahjong-ed for six days in a row!

But I am a good girl, I don't play with money, so don't say I gamble so much etc etc. (:

Just came back from mahjong-ing at Yili's house and I lost so badly. The few times I hu-ed consecutively was only enough to return what I owed the others. :((

No more luck left, think I used it all up for the last 5 days. DD:

Yesterday mahjong-ed at cousin-cum-neighbour's house and won!

And that disgusting Yili, opened flower shop, then pong pong hu, so many tais somemore.

And Idk what to do with this man. 十三幺? Kind of hard, but if I play normally and try to change those tiles away, later people already hu le. Sians.

Okay, I think everyone is getting sick of hearing about me playing Mahjong already. So I shall talk about other stuff.

You know what? I am kind of looking forward to school on Monday, wanna see what's the school like etc etc.

JJC, here I come! Please welcome me with open arms and roll out the red carpet! (:
PS: By the way, did I mention I am not in the same school as KengWee anymore? :D
I am so happy man, I've been like in the same class with him for the past 8 years?!

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