Sunday, December 26, 2010

#333 - Sakae Sushi Buffet and Shopping

 Headed to Sakae Sushi at Bugis Junction for buffet with family on the day I turned 18. :)

Don't go there for buffet, I have to say.
The service is slow, you have to repeat your orders to the waiter/waitresses there because they will forget about it.
The computer system is faulty and the food just doesn't taste nice.

Some food for the day~

 Kani Chawanmushi.
Not that great, had a fishy taste to it.
Preferred the one at Lot 1 or Jurong West, The Frontier CC.

 Cha Soba.
Not cold enough.

 Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
One of the nicer tasting food I had on that day.

 Fried Tofu.

 Hana Maki.
Pretty good after I managed to get used to chewing and swallowing it!
(I always have problem swallowing this kind of QQ stuff, up till now!)
Comes in 3, photo taken after my brother ate 1. :)

 -nom nom nom-

We had tea as well to curb the fullness in the stomachs.
But Idk if it's something new or they've made a change to the tea.
We ordered the usual green tea and they gave us Genmai Cha, brown rice tea instead.


I've checked Sakae Sushi's menu online and it seems that there are really 2 types of tea.
The usual organic green tea and the Genmai one.
And the Genmai one is more expensive.
WTF. I specifically told the waiter I wanted green tea.

Why they force this kind on things on people one.
And the tea is so not nice canz.
And well apparently I'm not the only one facing all these problems.
There are people who have complaint about this tea self-change thing online.

Please don't force such things on people in attempt to earn more money, Sakae Sushi.
So disappointed.

Ever since they removed a lot of things from their menu and changed some of the normal coloured plates food to pink/red plates, I felt a little bohua eating there already!

Thankfully they have pretty nice tasting dessert to make up for it.

 Mango Sherbet! :)

I swear I would never go back to the Bugis Junction outlet for buffet anymore.
CBB (Can't Be Bothered) with Sakae Sushi so after eating for like only 1hour plus, all of us left and went shopping!

Happy happy shopping! :D
It's like what I see that I like, cfm buy!
But I think I bought too little again! :(
I am never contented when it comes to shopping.
But hey who does?

Love that feeling of shopping with no worries because I am not the one paying! :) :P

Got my mum to buy me the heels I saw the other day!

Yes I know it's cross pattern again.
But it was love at first sight when I saw it plus I wanted to get a pair of shoes in this shade of brown for so damn long.
Just waiting for the suitable one to come!
And I've finally gotten it!

I can has new shoes and new clothes!!!

Yay, I am happygurl92! :) :D :) :D

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