Sunday, January 2, 2011

#337 - Miscellaneous

Today is gonna be a 'I see what photos I have taken recently and I will upload them' day!

And so..

Took up the courage to stick on the Garskin the day before!
It's now or never, I told myself.

With much help from my brother, let me present the end product!

Would be better if the sticker around the Lumix area is perfectly shaped.

But I still think it's CHIO.

Haha I thought it'd match my dress for CNY!

And I finally figured out how to connect the lens cap string to the camera and the lens cap already if you have noticed so in the photo above.
And to think that I even went to search on Google how to do it and got virus in both my lappy and computer.
Sobz I am so dumb. :(


Was saying how budget JJC is with a super small Open House banner outside the school whereas RVHS has a super HUGE one outside the school.
Now I take back my words.

Look at what I saw the other day when I passed by JJC!
(Had to zoom in all the way as I was in the bus)

 Huge JJC balloon!
I bet no other JCs have this!


My love for Patrick continues burning!

 Dk why my eyes always become so effin small when I smile. ._.

Don't tell me I have small eyes ok.
I got proof my eyes not small.

When I was testing out fake lashes for Prom.

Haha retard.

And while browsing through, I saw something I just have to show here.
I have the coolest hairstyle ever!!!

Slept with clip in hair and then became like that!

Let's move on shall we? :)

 My brother did this, I think it's cute. :)

 Presents from cousins!
Love the self-made card because of Patrick love!

And I got myself plastic covers to protect my UNO cards!
Recommended by Yunhui.
$2 from Daiso!
First thing first is to protect all the cards that have Patrick on them.

I am BIASED just like that. :)


 Pancake with cheese, hotdogs, onions and spring onions! :)

Made this for supper when both my brother and I were super hungry!
Looks unappetising but it is not!
Look at the melted cheese!
-nom nom nom-


Chalet with the 4C'08 peeps!
But a few turned up only, there were 6 of us left at the last day.
How sad, but caught up with them and learnt about the latest gossips about many many people.
Shocked a lot of times by different news! :)

 Had to walk a long slope down to get to the entrance.

I've walked so much already and there's still so much more distance left.
See below:

 And I heard from friends coming in at night from the BBQ that it's super dark and scary at night. :O

I miss Mahjonging.
Someone jio me to play please.

 Love and missed this cosy corner at the living room.
Had so much memories then. :)

Was quite sad that a lot of people weren't able to make it.
Some had valid reasons.
Some... I guess, just didn't try hard enough.
2 years really changed some a lot I guess.


Look at the wallpaper!
So CHIO right.

Taken by your truly's camera!
Not those default wallpaper or what ok!

Didn't want to upload the real one because people might steal it and take it as their own!
Lazy to watermark the original photo and put it here on blog too, but I might do so one day together with the rest of the pretty sunset photos I took the other day at East Coast Park!


Did this at ehub with Raine for the Marina Bay thingy last year! (Haha seems so long ago)

Okay I am done, will update again soon! :)

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