Monday, February 7, 2011

#351 - Chinese New Year Day One (初一)

Chinese New Year Day One (初一)

Family photo before heading to maternal side to 拜年!

Cousins playing this game I never bothered learning because it's just too boring, Chinese chess! :/
My super tanned cousin!

Lol gathering around to add each other on Facebook!

Daddy looking at the camera!

Took very little photos there because I am not really close with the cousins on the maternal side!

Moving on, headed to paternal side to 拜年! :)

Meet Coco, a silky terrier, my cousin's girlfriend's dog!

The rest of the day passed by pretty fast.
Not really feeling the Chinese New Year hype!

Monopoly dealed with cousins instead of the usual Blackjack or Mahjong.
It just doesn't feel the same anymore~

BBQ for dinner at night made up for the loss!
No photos of the food though because all of us were either busy bbqing or noming the QQ squid, tender satay, juicy hotdogs, sweet honey wings, fragrant bak kwa and toasted marshmallows! :)

Speaking of marshmallows, we headed to YewTee to get them because we didn't have them!
And omg YewTee was infested with Banglas!
Like hundreds of them, no joke!

No racism intended ok!
I am just speaking the truth!

Scattered all about, anywhere you turn, they are there.
Some picnicking on the grass!

Back to the house and random shots while heading downstairs to the jacuzzi pool!
Spot my brother posing for the camera!

My nephew, Rayden is so cute! :)
*pinch cheeks*

Soaking our feet in the cold water and massaging our legs with the strong current plus camwhoring with another of our cute little nephew, Rayden's brother, Zenden! :)
Act coolzxzxz.

Haha 2 shots of my dad! :D

First one of him acting cute and the second one of him playing with water till it 'shot' his eyes!
Hahahahahahaahah, can you believe he's turning 52 this year??

My brother, Bollywood star wannabe.

Hehe my nails again. :)

Headed upstairs after the soaking to visit Coco!

Cute Zenden posing for the camera while looking at Coco and dancing away!

Monopoly deal plus camwhore session!
Skip this part if you must, uploading photos for cousins to kope! :)
(To save original sized photos, open photo link in new tab, zoom in and save)

In random order~

Hehe, that's all for the first day of Chinese New Year!
Next entry will be for the second day!
Come back for more camwhore photos if you must! :D

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Thank you so much! ;)

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