Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#356 - My New Hair Colour

Hehe and so before Chinese New Year, I went to dye my hair! :)

Wanted to dye my hair to my fringe's shade of brown for very long and thus headed to Guardian with brother one fine day to get the colour dye. Initially was settled on Liese but they didn't have the shade of colour I like so I settle on this instead with my brother's help of comparing the different shades of colour!

Brother was so helpful that day, he volunteered to help me dye, massage the colour in and even to wash my hair!

Took photos of my black hair before I started!
Here's one!
You'd be thinking that my hair quality not bad, not frizzy etc, wait till you see the next photo!

See what a bad state my hair is in.
Can't wait for it to grow long so that I can snip these ends away!

Hehe I choose Pure Brown colour! :)
Colour not obvious under normal lighting and tends to show only under flash/sunlight/bright light.
Love it nevertheless!

Hell yeah, I can has brown colour hair after wanting to dye it for so damn long! :D

Sigh can someone enlighten me why the left side of my hair so cui and the right side so obediently straight?
Dk what to do sia, and I don't wanna rebond because it's so ultra fake looking! :(

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