Saturday, February 19, 2011

#358 - Mini 2A Gathering

Steamboat dinner with this bunch of people (albeit it being a random group of us even though we were in the same class for 2 years, some even 4) was love! 

Was great catching up with them, reminiscing the past and updating each other with the present.
*inserts latest gossip, Facebook really helps A LOT*

Food was great, company even better, looking forward to more of such gatherings in the future.
But I guess that'll have to wait since many of the guys will be going to NS soon like in May!
Hey, May is not really that far away ok!

Got somewhat closer to these 3 girls above even though we weren't really that close in the past!
6 years of friendship and counting!! :D

Wanted to post up an old photo for memories sake and see how much all of us has changed but I couldn't find any!!! :(

Really miss secondary school life, how innocent and carefree we were then.

More photos up on Facebook in high resolution if any one wishes to kope or just for viewing pleasure. :)

Ending this entry of mine by saying this:
2A Ganbatte, Oh Yeah!

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