Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#360 - SHRIMS SS Extended Gathering

Steamboat dinner for consecutive 2 days, this time with SHRIMS SS Extended! :)
Wanted to call it a mini 4C gathering but it was too pathetic since there were only 6 who turned up!

Shopping for food was fun!
And we bought lots of marinated meat to grill!


It happened that all the girls, i.e. the 3 of us below were wearing navy blue and white blouses/tee!

So nice man, loveeeeee navy blue max. :D
I think I got like 4 dresses in full navy blue?

Trying to 'show off' their Pearly Whites.

Gay much, I was laughing so hard when taking this photo!

Love the company! ;)

And see how much we have changed since a year plus! :O

If only the rest of them turned up as well!
Like only 4 of the SHRIMS SS turned up! :(
But they all had valid reasons! (They'd better be telling the truth!)

Really long since I see the rest of them!
I think it's about time to start planning another gathering like this soon before the guys go NS in May!

For more photos, please go to Facebook, I've uploaded all there. :)

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