Monday, March 7, 2011

#367 - Outings with Workmates

2 Dinners with workmates not long ago. :)

One was a outing after work (Girls only) to shop at Bugis! :D

Dinner at MOF!

All food and no faces because everyone was camera shy that day.
Oh well. :(

Hehe I love this cute wooden dessert spoon. :)

Next outing was at Bugis again.
Wanted to have dinner at Around De World which is along Liang Seah Street.

Everyone was present yo! :)

Everytime I took the bus from workplace to Bugis, I'd noticed a place where there are a lot of vintagey cool cars and finally that day I brought my camera along to snap pictures! :D

Didn't know they have Cambridge in Singapore too! :O

Okay so it was my first time at Liang Seah Street.

And Around De World was closed that day for idk what reason. :(

We tried calling but no one answered the phone.

Here's saying bye to their Cheese Bolognaise Fries at only $3.90 for such a huge share. :(

Maybe next time when The (Doh) Bitches meet up or something, I will drag them there.

There were so many eateries, steamboats, bars, and restaurants.

And we settled for this because the $17nett caught our eyes.

With like 4 soup bases for us.
Not to choose from, but it's like we can choose 4 out of the 5 available!

 Mala Soup and Herbal.

Chicken and TomYum.

Many varieties!

It's such a pity I've fat arms and spoilt the photo we didn't manage to take a group photo. :/

Nevertheless, I had a fun time catching up with them ever since the 4 of them left last last week!
So fun teasing Yijun and laughing at what she did.
Seriously man!

Hope to meet up again soon! :D

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