Thursday, March 10, 2011

#369 - Results Day

4 March 2011 - The day where A Levels results were being released

Met with The (Doh) Bitches to have lunch and then head to school together.

Went to Raine's house first to try her uKimono and then head to Lynette's house for a while before having lunch at the foodcourt near her house!

Roasted Chicken Rice from my all time favourite stall.

I have been eating from this stall since primary school days, everything from the rice to the soup is damn yummy!
The rice wasn't that fragrant that day though, I guess I was too nervous about my results that they tasted bland. ._.

In bus on the way to school~

Walked around the school because we reached too early. :)
(Some photos are of different sizes because I took them from Lynette's blog)

Same shoes as Lynette because it's hers!
Hahaha chio blue colour, mad comfy too. :)

Then it was time to gather at the hall.

*nervous like madz but still in camwhore mood wtf*
 Guess Raine had to destress.

Quickly snapped a photo of our class 'booth' where we took our results.
Refused to look at Mdm Khoo's face all the way.

Guy in pink, my classmate who got straight As. *applause*

Result slips were being given out after that.
All was calm for me.

And nothing beats noming a good meal at LJS (with the cheese) after that to make one feel better. :)

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