Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#372 - Secondary Schoolmates Meet Up

Yo! :D

Have been nomming a lot of good food recently.
I guess I need to go running or do more crunches soon. :/

Hehe the other day I met Yili at Ajisen for dinner. :)

Her pathetic side dish.

My cuttlefish one. :)

My Tom Yum Ramen damn spicy!

Initially it was supposed to be a dinner with the SHRIMS SS Extended but it was cancelled at the very last minute!
And I was already outside and so impromptu dinner with Yili. :)

The next day, I attended the SMU Open House with ⅓ of the SHRIMS SS Extended, Isaac, Roger and Yunhui. :)

Blue guy = Alumni of SMU = helpful because he talked to us for nearly 2 hours!

There were free flow of popcorn provided and the place smelt so much like a cinema!

New York New York for dinner, Roger left and Timothy met us at Lot1.

Shared a platter with them and then 'exchanged' valuable secrets about each other. ;)

Chatting continues with me noming away almost all the candyfloss!

Don't even know when is the next time we are gonna meet up again, I miss seeing the whole SHRIMS SS present laughing at stupid jokes we crack! :(

Update: Meeting them later, last minute decision! :D

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