Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#390 - Rings Crazy

If you know me well enough, you'd know that I've been crazy about rings since Idk when.
If I could, I'd buy as much as I want, but I don't have that much fingers or much time to wear them out since I have a five-day work week. :(

But anyway, here are the rings which I got recently.
Let me showcase showcase and be happy a while k?

Actually I am blogging about these rings because I wanna upload the photos somewhere for storage and Picasa Album is just the right place for me. Well, I am waiting for the next IT fair to come so that I can get a harddisk/harddrive to store my photos. I learnt my lesson ever since my desktop crashed on me and all the photos taken *poof* were gone.

The ring from Diva that caught my eyes when I was sick then!
Very vintage looking with the acrylic roses and diamonds and the brass coloured ring base!

Moving on, I went to a flea last Saturday at *scape (blog about it soon enough) and due to impulse, I got 4 rings in the end! Hehe, even Yili 也拿我没办法!

But the rings there are like mad cheap! 1 for $4, 3 for $10 kind! It's those types you can find being overcharged at blogshops or those cute colourful ones you can find at BKK.
So many stalls selling rings okay, like about 6-7, with different varieties, I just can't get enough!
Plus plus plus, the ring base is adjustable, suitable for people with fat fingers like yours truly.
Omg I can't stop raving about it!!!

At that moment, I thought 4 was a lot of rings lor. Then when I went home and looked through and admired the rings, I thought I bought too little! :B
So anyone wanna go with me to the flea again this weekend? Hahahahah!

Rings rings rings~

Cute? Pretty? Vintagey? Fairytaley? Don't care what you think of my taste, I think they're (Y).

Okay if you feel as though you've seen enough, you can close the page now. Because after right after this sentence, I am gonna rant about the 4 rings one by one. Hahahahah, don't say I didn't warn you.

 These rings come in a set so I've to wear them together. Pacman eating the monster!!! *rahhh*

This owl ring, I think of getting it (day and night) after seeing it on a blogshop, lol.
When I got to the flea and saw it, I was like omgomgomghowmuchisthisIneedtogetit!
Blogshop sells it at $5.90 with all the 麻烦 payment methods plus still need wait for it to arrive and I got it immediately at the flea for $5!
Happygurl92! :) :D

Last ring I got was from Diva, last stop before heading home.
I was just 'trying my luck' there looking around and then this sweet little thing caught my eye!
*images of rainbows and cute little unicorns dancing in my head*

Okay, the end of the rings I wanna 'flaunt'.

Anyway, I realise something about wearing rings.

Most people wear rings facing others whereas for me, I wear them facing myself.
Some people told me 'You wear ring is for people to see one leh, of course you must wear the rings facing them lah!'
I beg to differ. I wear rings for myself to see! Hahahhaha.

Okay lah, some photos to 敷衍 those who wanted to see things from your point of view.

 Okay lah, it's just that I want to upload and see the rings again lah! :P

And in case you're wondering, I spent $20 on these 4 precious ones. :) Not expensive at all in my case.

Okay update about the flea the next time, till then, I hope my ramblings (if you managed to read all the way till here) didn't make you fall asleep.

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