Monday, June 20, 2011

#424 - Newspaper Print Nails

Okay some people have been asking me how I did the Newspaper Print nails so I told them to either Google or wait for me to blog about it.

Here's my tutorial! :D

Things you need:
  • Base Coat x 1
  • Top Coat x 1
  • Nail Polish x 1 (Lighter shades of colours are recommended for obvious results)
  • Rubbing Alcohol/Vodka (Actually anything that contains alcohol is alright, I am using my toner as you can see)
  • Newspaper cutting x 10 (Works best if you use bigger font ones, you can be creative and try crossword puzzles/sudoku newspaper cuttings!)
  • Small container to store your solution

Step 1: Paint a coat of base coat
Many people will skip this part and head straight for the nail polish itself!
That's not good, base coat serves as a protection for your nails!!

Step 2: Paint 2 coats of your desired nail colour
I am using OPI Fiercely Fiona.
I very kiasu one, every bit of the nail must paint so end up painting outside of them.
Heard that it's not good though, the nails can't breathe. :(

Step 3: Dip your fingernail into the solution
Here's a tip: To save yourself from using too much solution, pour in only a small amount and then tilt to one side.
It'd be enough for you to immerse your whole fingernail in.

 Step 4: Put the newspaper cutting (with the words side facing your fingernail) on your nail and press it down with a little force for around 30 seconds
Here's a tip: To ensure that the whole nail has the newspaper printing, you may want to move the finger pressing the newspaper cutting in a rolling motion (if you get what I mean).

 Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all fingernails

 See the difference between large fonts and small fonts?
And also the pressure applied which directly affect the prints?

 Step 6: Apply a coat of top coat and you're done!
Yeah and I cleaned up as much as I can too.
Fret not about the little bits, you can easily wash them off when you're showering. :)

 Hehe I hope this tutorial helps!

If there's anything to ask, feel free to Formspring me or leave a comment but I highly doubt it will ever happen, hehe.

 Anyway, here's my nails as of now!

Pretty in nude! ^^


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Okay bye! :)

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