Saturday, August 6, 2011

#447 - Helios ♥♥♥

Helios! ♥

Got to know this awesome group of friends at Day One of NTU SCE/MSE  FOC 2011/2012, on 18 July 2011!

We went through a lot in this camp and I never regretted going for it!

I had lots of first times there at the camp too. ;)

Was the first time I had so many friends who are older than me and are in their twenties!

First time where I had a bit of feeling how it was like to be 'taupok'.
Actually more like 'taupok' others since I am forever reluctant to rest on the guys because they're usually stinky and sweaty. :P


First time I actually walked all the way from school (NTU) to Chinese Garden MRT and the pagoda there!
I can't believe it happened too.

Lucky we took the public transport on the way back!

I was super tired but the Helios strength kept me going! *act yi ge*

Nah, actually it was for the sake of getting a good chalet. ;P
(It wasn't really that good either, prefer NTU halls anytime!)

First time I used up 2 toilet rolls in less than 10 mins!
Unless you've ultimate diarrhoea, you can never have this first time!

First time I applied sunblock instead of suntan lotion at Sentosa (SPF 8 vs SPF 130++) and didn't get sunburnt!

First time I clubzxzxzxz and drank vodka!

Yeah I am innocentandsupergoodgurl92.
Not saying those who club are not innocent and good girls.

What most of the girls wore were not clubbing material IKR.
We were only told to bring a set of smart casual outfit for SP night and none of us know the itinerary for the whole camp so when we knew we were wearing these to club, we were like :X #dontjudgeus

Last group photo with Helios before we broke camp, everyone shagged but happy.

Although camp ended long ago, I am still touched that the spirit of Helios continues.

Facebook has been sort of revived when the group NTU SCE MSE FOC 2011/2012 Helios was created.
Notifications everyday with all different topics under the sun.

Other than that, there would be frequent mass group chats on MSN every night and we could really crap all we want.

It is indeed very heartwarming.

Really appreciate the many things Helios's CGL and GLs had done for us, like this identity bracelet below:

*shows off I can take good photos a little*
No edits done, just used a customized mode on my LX5 by adjusting the brightness!

And a disc with videos of us I supposed!
Haven't watch it yet since I am using a netbook but I am sure I'd tear if I am to watch it! :'(

And if you added me on Facebook, you'd realise most of the photo albums I've uploaded are about Helios!
Too many outings to count already!!!

First outing with the Helios after camp ended!
Very nice to know people still want to meet up even though camp has ended.

Not a person who is good with words, so it's hard to express how I am really feeling right now.

Somehow I felt that I've know many of the people in Helios for years, even though I've only known them for weeks.
It's a weird and special feeling.
Wanted to end this entry with some super nice cheesy quote but can't find leh.

*searches Google*

"In the rhythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune. But as long as there are friends to provide the melody, the music plays on."

Got the feeling not? *goosebumps up a bit*

Really hope even after these 4 years of school, Helios can still remain as close as now.

Till then, rock on bitches!!! ♥♥♥

PS: Photos credit to FotoG33Graphy, Eunice and Boon Yang.

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