Sunday, September 4, 2011

#455 - ASUS K43SV

First entry of September blogged using my new lappy! Woohoo! :)

Got it at less than 1k from COMEX.
The price really dropped a lot!

Currently loving everything about it despite the screeching sound it gives when I plucked both my headset and mouse on the same side of the lappy.

 Chio glossy black that is not fingerprint prone at all! :D

 Gotta love the widely spaced keyboards which allows no dust to be trapped when I cleaned my lappy.

It has ice cool palm rest as well.
You know sometimes you get the static when you rest your palms or wrist on the lappy?
This one doesn't give you that.

 Big ass screen I am super happy about! :)
Because I've been using a netbook for like 2 years already.
Screen is so small that there is even scroll bar at the bottom of the page. :X


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