Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#473 - Panda's Birthday Party

Happy 21st, Panda! :)

A few weeks ago, Junye (Panda) invited us to his 21st birthday party! :)

It was a relaxed one where everyone just hang around and chill!
Pasted double eyelid stickers on that day for erm fun?

Venue was at the function room at his house!

Girls arrived early at the party since we hitched a ride from Lynette!

Haha my favourite part:

With the lovely people I met in school, Helios. 

With the birthday boy! :)
I am not short, it's just that he's tall.

Lynette, friend of 3 years plus and counting! 

The four of us (Lynette, Jiamin, Jolene and I) were super close during camp and we still keep in contact now even though she is not in the same course as us.

With the two guys from my 'Clique'.
Benjamin and Yanjie. :)

With the girls I hang out in school almost everyday, namely Slian, Zann and Siafong!
Bifang is in direct year two and we see her around in school sometimes. :)
ShinYee and XiuTing are taking a different course from us but we also see them around in school sometimes! (I feel the need to explain, LOL)

Teck Kian, who has the same birthday as me!
He's acting cute I think because he is doing it while he still can before he turns 21!

MrNeko, Kitts!
Different course from us as well but always see him in school.
It's like he stalks us. HAHAHA.

Helios's CGL!! :)

Time for some cake cutting!

Then came the video of Panda unwrapping his present which all can sleep while watching it thanks to Teck Kian's 'innovative' way of wrapping.
He (Teck Kian) took 2 hours!!!

Yeah I know, I feel like slapping myself too after watching this video.
Talked so much rubbish, so AYG (act yi ge).

Time to study, bye! :)

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