Monday, December 12, 2011

#483 - SHRIMS SS Extended

 I love this bunch of crazy friends!  :)
And is it me or Roger looks kinda girly in this photo??

Guys nowadays camwhore too!

Fish&Co. for brunch!
 Soup so thick, it's like pasta sauce! :O

 LEMON BUTTER! *drools*

This is how Roger explained to us how he failed his TP.
Tissue as car and phones/wallets as pavements.
Special thanks to Junye and his friend who works at Fish&Co. and gave us 10% discount!

Kinect at Cathay Cineleisure!
Hair not black enough.

Not to forget Kunda, Salihin who left us early for his first practical lesson and Sourheart and Shark who joined us later after their work!

What I love about this bunch of guys is that although we're not like the super close celebrate for each other/share secrets with each other ones, we're like super close when bitching (LOL) and talking about all the epic random moments that once happened in our lives.

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