Monday, January 2, 2012

#498 - My buys

I got some new stuff for the new year!!

But before I start, I've got a few things to share!

Grab free facial wash sample here from #TDF! Prescribed by medical professionals for treating oily & acne-prone skin. :)
I just grabbed mine!
If the link doesn't work, do let me know!

New year's here and there are so many movies you can watch now. Join Churpchurp and win movie tickets!

If you #CantLiveWithoutTech? Tell them why in a video and you may be on your way to Silicon Valley and stand to win other great prizes!

Now that New Year has come, this means that Chinese New Year is coming!
You can't have New Year without any Bak Kwa! Especially when Fragrance Bak Kwa introduces its 100% USA Berkshire Pork Bak Kwa!

Just graduated from secondary school? Interested in going to a Polytechnic? Visit Singapore Polytechnic's Open House from 5 – 7 Jan 2012. More details here.

And for the girls, in this festive season, I bet most of you have make up on for those year end/new year parties and whatnots. Don't be lazy to remove the make up! Try the speedy, fuss-free and effective makeup remover anytime, anywhere! It’s gotta be #Biore’s Cotton Sheets. Read here!

Lastly, I recently played the Burger King game in hope of winning some free Spicy Panini Chicken sandwich or even an iPad2. Super easy to play!! :) 

The top 5 spice slicers each week will walk away with TEN Spicy Panini Chicken sandwiches each. The top 20 spice slicers each week will also be entered into a lucky draw to win an iPad 2 at the end of 7 weeks of the contest.
So far my highest scores was 440!
Beat me!!
Click here to play now!


Managed to get myself a new wallet using the voucher Helios gave to me on my birthday.
2 wallets to be exact, add on for my mum too! :)
 Loving its simple design! :)

Got a nordic jacket from Uniqlo also because it's so comfortable and soft and super warmmmmmm.
Was torn between these 3 and got the last one because I look super weird in the first 2. :/
Really love the grey one though but nevermind!
Settle with the blue one! :)

 Masks! Super thick ones!!!

And lastly, Mum finally got me a baking oven when we went hunting for a new TV today!
Yay, one of my 2012's resolution is half completed, in less than 2 days!!
Woohoo! :D :D

My next investment is gonna be an electric mixer!! :)

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