Sunday, January 8, 2012

#501 - Primary School Besties Meet Up

 And so, I met my primary school clique a few days ago!

Everyone managed to turn up, albeit at different timings and not as a whole except Afiqah! :(
Meet up sometime soon!

Lunch was at Ajisen!

 You can't even squeeze much from this piece.

 Hate Ajisen's eggs.
Hard boiled eggs. :(
Yolk not runny oneeeee.

Headed to Decoder's Cafe for games!
First time here! :)

Games we played! :)

Us posing with the respective cards that made us lose.
 Trying to cover up my huge zit.

Trying so hard it turns out awkward...

Subsequent photos of me I tried photoshopping the zit away!
Some are super obvious because I didn't blend it well but I CBB (Can't Be Bothered). :P

Took a short break to take group photos and the staff told us there were props for us!
 Spot the zit!
*poses buay paiseh-ly even though there were other people there as well*

 This game is so damn fun when Elena's around!!!

We were given scenarios and we have to tell stories about the scenarios and others has to guess what we saying are true or false!
Elena totally can't lie!!!

 Elena LOVES photobombing. See below for more and see if you can spot her!


Photos with the girls before they left for their HOT DATES. ;)
What did I say about Elena loving to photobomb!!
We had to take like 3 times to get a perfect photo without her!

 The 2 girls left for HOT DATES and Nicole and I went to meet Raine who could only join us after school for dinner!

 Sticky Rice!

 Complimentary Thai Iced Tea for students with purchase of mains!

 Raine's Fire Noodle with Chicken (SGD8.90)
Super fragrant and nice and spicayyyye.
I know what you see are all vegetables but the bowls they use are the platebowl kinds where it looks like a plate at top with a deep hole in the middle like a bowl kind...

 Nicole's Seafood Tom Yam Noodle Soup (SGD8.90)
Looks like laksa!
Sour and not spicy at all!

 Yours truly's Fried Thai Rice Noodle (SGD8.90)
It's Pad Thai but not called that in the menu though.
Not bad, love the noodles! :)

 Sticky Rice with Mango (SGD5.90)
We ordered this to share!
Super yummy okay!! Must try if you go Sticky Rice!

Details if you're interested (no official link available):
Sticky Rice
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West
#B1-08/09 The Clementi Mall
Singapore 129588
Tel 66599381

Went to chill after that! :)
Here's me with Raine's specs which happens to cover that zit of mine!!


Raine looks like the LOLguy.jpeg

Got or not!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Spammage of polaroid taking!
My zit finally gets some attention lolol.

 Crazily shot photos you saw yesterday!
My zit doesn't look huge but I can tell you it is HUGE.
See previous entry with uneditted photos of it on my face if you are not convinced.
Now it's super red, and school is starting tmrw.
I need to get a no degree huge specs to cover.
Okay stop ranting, Shufen.

 MBS, Zouk Singapore. ;)
We had fun!

Meet up again soon lovelayes! ♥♥♥

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