Thursday, January 26, 2012

#506 - Videos/Gifs during CNY 2012

Hey lovelayes!

Updating this blog of mine with videos and gifs taken during the Chinese New Year! :)
Photos will be another time k!

Meanwhile, enjoy! Hehe. :>

It's 初二 of the Chinese New Year and 1st Aunt brought 鱼生 for us to 捞! This is the preparation video! :)
See my grandparents in the preview, they super shy and unwilling to take photos so I had to zoom in to them halfway during the video! ;)

This is the actual 捞-ing video!
Why I so noisy. :X

My cousin and I were bored! Trying out whether we could take snapshots when taking a video! :)


Yours truly can't act cute for nuts. :B

Grandma's saying "Mai Hip Wa" (don't take me) in Hokkien.
See if you can lip read! :P

 That's all folks! :)
Update soon!

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