Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#509 - Chinese New Year Day Two (初二)

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Aloha! :)

Blogging about CNY Day 2 before Chinese New Year officially ends this week!

Made my family took a photo before heading out! :)

Headed to paternal grandparents' house now because Aunt brought along 鱼生 for us to 捞!
Grandma was saying "Wah your dress so nice got holes one, then when the wind blow, you won't feel hot already!"
Aunt was saying "Wah they ran out of cloth is it?"

3 out of 8 aunts!

Me not aunt. Hahahaha.

Some serious discussion going on here.

We had two because there were too many people!

HUAT ah!!!
Poor hand!

Using my cousin as model to test the different shooting modes!

Bro on nua mode.

Miss my face already right!!!
Na, just for you! :)

All the adults so 可爱 but I think 我的爸爸最可爱。:) (first from left)

Super yummy melt-in-your-mouth cookies made by cousin's godmother's daugter-in-law's colleague's mum! :D

I swear she wasn't pointing the middle finger, cut off her pointer by accident!

Alrighty that's all for CNY Day 2!
Blog again soon!

Goodbye! :)


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