Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#511 - Food makes me happy

Dropped by Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant last Saturday afternoon!
I strongly believe they have better cooks at night because their food weren't up to their usual standard that day!

Nevertheless, food spam!!!
Food is for two!

 Vanilla milkshakeeeee.

 Iced Teh Tarik!

 Oily butter naan!

 Garlic naan.

Both naans super chaota one. :(

 Butter chicken masala!
*slurps happily*
For once the parsley smell taste okay in it!

 Coin pratas with Mutton!
Pratas too salty! :(

 Cheese prata and its curry friend!

So sinful IKR!
All flour flour kind one somemore!
Fat die me. :(

But it's okay to indulge in good food sometimes don't you think? ;)

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