Friday, February 17, 2012

#517 - Food As Motivation #4 - Marché

Hohoho, dined at Marché plus shopped after studying in school with Shu Lian (Slian) last Saturday! :)
Shall categorise this under F.A.M. trip as well!

Marché is really huge and when you enter the restaurant, it's like another world altogether.
It's super huge with chairs and tables all about and a marketplace like arrangement in the centre when we can order our food.

Love the setting and the countryside cottage-y feel. :)
 Third and fourth photos are grabbed from the website!

We were both given a card each and whenever we wish to order from the respective stations at the 'Marketplace', we must bring this along so that they can scan it and charge it to our bill.

There is no menu, so you just go around the stations and order what you want.
Very good strategy they've got there, because one is likely to over-order. :P
It really feels like a buffet place, with soup, pizza, pasta, grilled meat, desserts and even chocolate fondue session!
There was a chocolate fountain there too!!!
Didn't manage to capture a photo of it though!

Ordered our food and were given these:
Some beeper thingy which will start sounding to inform you to go back to the respective station to collect your food when it's ready!

Swiss Rösti w Chicken Cheese Sausage (SGD14.20)
Tried this highly raved food over at Marché!
Rösti is basically a dish consisting mainly of potatoes.
I felt that it was okay, not as dope as many claimed.
Sour cream sucksssss, but the sausage wasn't bad. :)

Smoked Duck Breast with Hoisin Sauce (SGD23.50)
Loving the sauce and how it complements the duck breast!
Tomatos were real fresh but hate the chunks of thick celery in it!

Salmon with Veggie Pasta (Tomato Sauce) (SGD17.90)
Similar to the pizza, the tomatoes used were really fresh!
Like really tomatoey fresh, not those canned kind of taste.
And they were really generous with the salmon helpings! :)
Love the biting feel of the spaghetti!

We were really full already but then we saw many people ordering soup so we decided to give it a try! :)

Cream of Mushroom (Small - SGD5.60, Big - SGD6.40)
We got the larger one!
This soup is better shared than drank alone for it's really a huge portion and you'd get sick of the taste after a while because it's really very mushroomy.
But I love it though! :)

Time for desserts!
So much to choose from, managed to take a few before being stopped by the chefs there. :/
Didn't manage to take photos of the prettier ones. :(

Was deciding between fondue strawberries or crepes and settled for crepe instead!

Marché Crepe (SGD8.40)
You get to choose what sauce and fruits (strawberries/blueberries/mangoes)!
Love everything about this.
SO SO yummy! :)

They have toilets inside the restaurant too.
And this is what you see inside a cubicle!

At the basins area.

Love this whole Marketplace thing at Marché and I am definitely going back with a larger group of friends to try more varieties next time!
There are so many different stations I have yet to try.
Two of us can't eat THAT much and spend THAT much too.

By the way, I feel Marché has this strategy of making the food look as though it's like a buffet kind of thing so people will tend to spend more.
Like yours truly who keeps having to convince myself that it is not a buffet and I can't just eat whatever I want. ._.
Furthermore, they charged everything to the card first so people will most likely overspend!
So be sure to check how much have you spend if not you'd get a shock when you make payment at the cashier later!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
313 Orchard Road 
Level 1, Discovery Walk, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895 
Tel 68344041

Shopped later and spent a super long time at NewLook!
Saw this electric blue wedges I love but there wasn't my size. :(

Anyhow, here are the loots, including the 2 items I finally collected from my F21 spree from May.

Loots from New Look.



$2 only!

Alright that's all!
Click the ads k! :)

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