Thursday, February 23, 2012

#519 - Updates

Hehehehe. :P

Hey all!
Finally this hectic week is coming to an end and I am gonna have my well deserved break after studying so hard the past few days!
Okay, I kid.
I didn't really give my all...

Oh wells.
Recess week next week, and Imma be busy with projects and studying for 2 CAs right after that week.
Thank goodness I am taking a day out to meet the girls next week!
Going to see Titantic exhibition and nom Ma Maison!
Squid ink pasta, escargots and beef stroganov rice! #Icantwait

Hehe just a short update.
Anyway, I keep thinking that tmrw's Saturday!
Why ah???

PS: Notice I change my header photo? :D

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