Saturday, March 3, 2012

#523 - Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Went to Titantic: The Artifact Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum with Shu Lian and Sia Fong the other day!

It was a bright and sunny day with pretty sights and we just HAD to take photos like tourists! :)

Spot the tourist in pink. :D

Flash your NTU matriculation card and you get $3 off! :)

Note to self: Never take full length photos with tall and skinny girls with long legs. NEVER.

Some shots taken before entering the exhibition!

 Haha this Sia Fong used Shu Lian's iTouch to take a photo of me being taken photo of!

Gotta love self-timer!
Skirt's flying up in the second picture though, I had to hold it down! :/

Photobombing Shu Lian!

Entered the exhibition and was told not to take any photos but I sneaked some anyway! :P
There were many galleries and at the start it was super boring until towards the middle where they show the ship's cabin, porch and the artefacts like cutleries and plates.
Me love such stuff! :)

Details of the items in ships are super delicate!

Many many items worth taking photos of but the chance wasn't there because there were many people and also security guards walking about. :/

Love this part the most!
Got the real feel not?

First Class passenger's room.

Third Class passenger's room.

No more photos of the exhibition already!
But there were so many things to see.
And some of the stories of the mishaps were so sad. :(
Like how families got separated and whatnots.

And then there were two times where we were asked if we wanted to take photo with the background (one being the "You jump, I jump" ship front scene and another being the grand staircase scene) and then we can choose to develop the photos towards the end at the souvenir shop. :)

Oh yeah, we were each give boarding pass at the start of the exhibition.
It contains information about one of the many passengers on board the Titanic that time.

All 3 of us were Second Class passengers!
And then throughout the whole exhibition, we were like trying to relate ourselves to the things that Second Class passengers had/used! :D

We were told that we could see whether 'we' survived/lost in the end at the last part of the exhibition.
I was lost i.e. died. T.T
Anyway, the boarding pass also provided traveling destination and the reason which I find a little hard to believe.
I feel the traveling reason could be made up leh, like how would the people know what's the passenger's reason to board the Titanic???

Ending this entry with a shot I love. :)

Doens't look like I took it from a picture one hor? :)
And so yeah, we bought the staircase photo! :D
Super chio... and expensive!
$25 for ONE 6R! *heart bleeds*
And hehe, I kinda love how my legs look in this photo. :>

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