Friday, March 9, 2012

#525 - Dinner with Girls / Food As Motivation #5 - Ma Maison

Yeah I know I've been dragging this entry for long, CAs and assignments have finally ended so I can churn out the outing with girls during my recess week.
And yes, this outing was the same day as my Titanic exhibition outing. :)

Anyway, I am making this entry a Food As Motivation entry too because we went to Ma Maison!
Gotta love the food there! :D

We ordered 6 mains and 1 appetiser! :)
Hungry us after walking at Haji Lane before that.

 Escargots Baked With Garlic Butter (SGD9.50)
No snail-ey slimy taste at all.
Garlic butter was strong but yummy. :)
Look at the fire underneath, the waiter will light it up when the escargots are being brought to the table.

Gratin With Prawns and Scallops (SGD13.90)
One of the must-tries from the reviews I read online but it wasn't good.
Perhaps only on that day itself the standard drop? D:

 Chef's Pizza (SGD13.50)
Average only...

 "Tonkatsu" (Pork Cutlet) (SGD15.90)
Another one of the must-tries from the reviews I read online.
The sauces were nice and I love the mashed potato. :)
But the pork cutlet was kind of tough. :/

 Ma Maison Spaghetti (SGD15.20)
Sweet tasting spaghetti.
Okay only. Pass.

 Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti (SGD15.90)
One of the must try if you ever go Ma Maison!!!
Super niceeeeeeee. :D

 Beef Stroganov Butter rice (SGD14.80)
Hen hao chi!!
Another one I recommend to try!!!
Meat so tender, egg just right and rice so fragrant.
Sauce completed everything, with onions somemore. :)

Next time I am there again, Imma try those I did not try which are highly raved eg. Seafood Paella and Hamburger Steak (with sauce that has been marinated and kept for 28days)!

Had to bring this to the cashier to foot our bill.

 And look, one of the chefs took interest to Lynette ^^ (we assumed and inferred) and then we got this $10 voucher for free.
Ended up each of us only need to pay $17.70 each for all those food we ordered above.
Awesome or awesome? :D

Hang around taking photos like we own the place!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Ma Maison
200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #02-51
Singapore 188021
Tel 63384819
 Headed out and a series of camwhoring continued...

Totally ignored everybody around, took the white wall as our background and shot away! :) 

Everybody loves me...
*spot my face appearing in ALL the polaroids*

Everybody loves me not...
They said I look like a kid here!

 Making fun of Zann because she always happened to close/blink her eyes when taking photos.
But I am so nice I did not upload any of her unglam shots here.
Try spotting them when I upload the rest of the photos on Facebook! ;)

 Someone caught digging nose and became rather defensive! ;) :O

 Group shot!
Chey, I can do better yo!
Watch me watch me! :D

 We love Zann so much we did not mind being like her. :)

Frolick then home sweet home!
Trained with the girls back and went crazy which explains the gifs taken in the previous entry! :)

Was a happy day. :)

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