Saturday, April 7, 2012

#528 - The Manhattan Fish Market outlet at Jcube

-Edited with some random stuff at the bottom-
The Manhattan Fish Market outlet at Jcube sucks seriously.

I had a rather unpleasant experience there.

First thing first, when I wanted to order Chili Crab Marinara, the waitress told me that they ran out of Marinara sauce. Okay. Nevermind. Then I ordered Crab Olio and then she told me they ran out of Spaghetti and only have Fettuccine. No choice, I settled for that. Not being anal or what, just really sian diao by it.

Next, the staff's service really sucks. I requested for 2 glasses of iced water and after 10 minutes or so, the waitress did not come back and instead attend to other customers' needs instead. I had to ask another waiter for the iced water. Also, my friend and I requested for chili sauce from the waiter and the next thing she did was to attend to other customers instead of getting our sauce for us straightaway. We waited more than 5 minutes. But luckiy she apologised for the wait. 

Another thing to mention, we ordered cheese fries and the cheese was very little. Requested for more cheese, the waitress said okay and never came back again. We had to ask ANOTHER waiter for more cheese.

Also, the utensils were not cleanse well. I saw dried veggie on my spoon. Dafuq. O.O

Food wise, the dory fish was totally not fresh and it just nua in the mouth. My Fettuccine was dry and the crab meat salt like free one. Cheese Fries made up for the loss.

Lastly, we waited super long to settle our bill. Reason being? The machine jammed. And the waitress who took my card to settle the bill did not even inform us of it or anything. No one said anything at all and expect us to wait like some kuku. She left the problem to her manager while she went to attend other customers. WTS. HOW CAN LIKE THAT. At least inform us of the wait? It took like 15 minutes for the whole payment to be processed and when we got back the card and receipt, the waitress was not apologetic at all.

And I noticed most of the waiters/waitresses love to clutter at the area near the cashier counter don't know for what.

Terrible experience, like being treated like invisible like that, never going back there again.
Service at Causeway Point was wayyyyy better!
 I can't believe I resisted the urge to request to see the manager and ask him not to charge the service charge to our bill.

Okay finally ranted~

Oh yeah, JCube's toilet has got automated sanitary bins.
How cool is that.
I went to try it.
Don't care how suaku I sound!

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