Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#531 - Loots/Haul

Taking a break from studying for exams:
LOOTSSSSSS from everywhere. <3

Finally collected my stuff from various F21 Sprees! :)

 1. F21 Eyelet Stripes Top
2. F21 Ditsy Spades Top
3. F21 Gold Dust Feather Necklace
4. F21 Old Glory Heart Necklace
5. F21 Bed Of Roses Skirt
6. GreenPoppies SSFW Bijou Collar Top
7. Jennie Shop Black Tribal Top

Anyway, currently attracted to wine red items as well.
But somehow I feel wine red doesn't really suit me. :/
Some of the items in that colour that caught my eyes!

Should I get them? #dilemma

Oh and this is a really pretty dress!!!

Okay feeling so much happier now!
Back to facing the books.
-hiak hiak-

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