Sunday, May 13, 2012

#536 - Eating / Shopping / Food As Motivation #7 - Timbre

Part 2 of our day was spent at Timbre @ The Arts House!

Wasn't feeling real well then and hence didn't really enjoy the food!
Boo. :(

Did some research before coming here and found out that the popular orders were for Roasted Duck Pizza and Timbre Buffalo Wings!
Storing this under F.A.M. too because Timbre has been under my F.A.M. list!

Half & Half Pizza - Buffalo Chicken/Roasted Duck (SGD22)
We had a half and half pizza since Zann felt that the buffalo chicken one was better than the roasted duck's!
Verdict: The buffalo chicken one was yums! Duck pizza was not bad too, however the sauce was too salty! :X

Timbre Buffalo Wings (SGD11)
The sauce tasted like the peri-peri sauce from Fish&Co.!
Can't really say much because my stomach was churning like mad already but I think it was good since there are so many good reviews on it!

Arts House Coolers' (SGD10)
Not a fan of alcoholic drinks so I had mocktail!
Taste like Fish&Co's Passion Fruit drink!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
1 Old Parliament Lane #01-04
Singapore 179429
Tel 63363386

Round 2 of taking photos, editing and whatnots.

Photos by the river and headed to Fullerton Hotel after that!

Happy day spent despite feeling unwell towards the end!
More outings soon yoooo! ;)
Hotel buffet!!!

Okay bye! :D

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