Monday, July 2, 2012

#546 - Updates

Oh hi, I haven't been blogging for ages!

My SD card reader is spoilt and I am waiting for my new one to arrive.

So I have nothing much to upload unless you want see endless number of my face appearing here. Hehe. :D

But I am too nice, I shall just upload like a few random photos out of the many I took.

Yes, I ying ying want to squeeze some photos of my face inside. :D

1. Quite famous and yummy beef noodles at the market near my workplace!
2. Le good hair clear face day. Don't know what's with the face though. :/
3. Photo as a reminder that I need to eat lesser/healthier. FATssss.
4. Ayg face.
5. No comments. HAHAH.
6. Casual #ootd with my favourite ring from Diva.
7. Nestlé Butterfinger (super sweet) against my electric blue swing skirt. :)
8. All the nice rompers from NewLook which are all UK10 and above. I left the store with nothing. :(

Okay I will update soon with my camera's photos when my card reader arrives!
Till then! :)

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